Ptrck the Witch, Bobo, PLD and I went to Philadelphia this weekend.

Well, first, on Friday night I went to the Tim Hamilton presentation at Milk. It was really cool! I love goth clothes, and I really love the clothes that Tim Hamilton makes, too. The boots with the crazy textures were a favorite. So were the free drinks. And also, so were all the crazy lovely familiar faces I ran into, including the Cutest Boy Author In The World, Bennett Madison. New York is a Small City. It feels small, sometimes. Afterward, I went to the Birdsong offices to help assemble the new issue.

Saturday we got up, Ptrck made a wonderful breakfast, and we headed out to Philadelphia. I listened to a lot of Maria Callas and dozed during the trip. We went to the Reading Terminal Market and got really good and really cheap food. We walked down to the Mutter Museum but by the time we got there it was closed. No babies in jars. At least not on this trip. We went to the awesome Leslie's house, where we were invited to stay. Bobo and Leslie studied in France together a few years ago, and Bobo had often told me about her amazing cool friend. Leslie totally lived up to the hyper. She has this incredible, very cheap, GIGANTIC studio in Fishtown. We checked out her formidable and exciting art projectsm and she let us try on her costumes. She gave me a really sweet red faux leather trenchcoat which I must say matched my performance outfit plan perfectly.

We went to the Tritone where I was playing my show. The other bands I played with were the Homophones, who I had never heard before but I thought were really cute, totally adorable, and the fucking incredible Sgt Sass. Sgt Sass was, just... I can't even get into how much I loved their performance. Go to their myspace page and get all their records and pin their photos to your bedroom wall. Later we went to a very cool house party at Alex from Cum Rag Manifesto's house, where we all got relaxed, had a dance party, and played Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" while people sang along to it as loud as they possible could. I cleared a room by making a gay marriage joke (the joke was that I said, in the middle of a typical after-party monologue nonsequiteur, "Fuck Gay Marriage, y'know?") and cleared a room. I also made some kind of announcement from the stage in which I berated the idea of "bourgeois heteronormative love" but I don't think that offended people as much.

Anyways. Philadelphia: I'm sorry if I offended you with my flippant remark.

After the house party we all walked through ice and snow to a huge gigantic loft where there was a RAVE with GREEN LAZERS and we danced and had a blast then went home. In the morning we went out for a delicious brunch and came back to NYC where I, personally, slept like a baby.

Last night I ahd dinner and drinks with my friend Jason. Jason recently moved to NYC and is leaving already to move to Buenos Aries. I am bummed that he's going, but excited because now I can crash his South American party in Argentina! And I fully intend on doing so.

Anyways, guys. The big news is that SCORCHER ISSUE NUMBER FOUR, titled YOU LITTLE CROCODILE will be out on April 11th, published by Birdsong Micropress. It's going to be an Aries of a zine. There will be an event in NYC to celebrate the release, with details shortly.


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