Capable of Anything


"I have this theory. Crime is contagious. It's like it can just kinda get in the air, and it-- People can catch it from each other. And when they catch it, they change. And then they change... other people. The truth is we're all capable of anything. We don't want to believe it's true, but it is."

-- Diane Keaton, in the opening scene from the really underrated movie Mad Money.

"It was a long title, I wasn't gonna deny that, but it was accurate. With each additional 'crime' it became clearer which kind of crime we were talking about. The kind you have to say five times. The kind that is independent and elusive. Independent Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime. You can't be sure if it really happened, or if it was really criminal."

-- Miranda July, "Independent Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime" featured on NPR and available there.

"Once you’ve committed a crime, from then on you’re a criminal. Doing it once. Even if you don’t get caught."

-- B.C., "Cum Back Cake" from I Love You, You Little Crocodile and Birdsong #10

"He named me as a namer; he called forth my ability to call forth. We didn’t get matching tattoos instead I got a job and he gave it to me by doing it to me."

-- B.C., "Confessions of a Namer: Fucking is the Arrow" from Be Billy and Birdsong #3

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