From Billy's bedroom window we see a jade plant and a 1960s purple mushroom desk lamp. Roy Ayers is playing on a record player and we can smell nag champa.

"I don’t even know God, but I just started being friends with some people who used to know her. Who went to school with her. They said that she used to be really fucked up. But she’s getting her shit together now, is what I hear. I haven’t run into her though.

So, I don’t know about God and whether or not she’s actually getting her shit together. If she's getting nicer. I won't talk shit about her since we haven't really met. I am not religious and I am definitely not Christian and I’m particularly not catholic. But right now I feel like I’m at a Catholic church. Like I’m surrounded by those prayer candles. Like you’re the candles and you’re right in front of my face. I’m scared that I’ll blow you out. I’m afraid to even exhale through by nose for fear that I will extinguish you, and I want to take care of you."

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lorenzo said...

these last two are really cutting the ice and slapping the bitch in the face. Fore-play!
Watch the candles go out. The puff of smoke is what it's about. I think. Sometimes.