Good Morning! I don't care if it snows. I do not give a fuck. It can fucking snow a goddamned blizzard! For real! It would not even bum me out. No one is taking this Springtime away from me.


What a crazy night! Sorry, I hope I didn't blow yr cover with those guys by acting surprised when you said the thing about texting me. I'm so bad with, like, GOING WITH A SCHEME / SCAM. I want to turn to a life of crime but I just don't have the reflexes for it. Those guys are cool. I guess that is what Texan people are like, right? I guess so. If they're really from Texas.

That guy seemed sweet. I hope I didn't seem rude by bouncing. Tommy and I hadn't seen each other in a while cause he'd been in California, and Daniel didn't wanna leave the place HE was at. SO we all went to meet up and went to Mattachine. It was fun I guess, okay. I totally had a missed connection though, I'm sure of it (I don't know what else to call it). SUCH A BUMMER. Now I've lost my favorite hoodie AND my new boyfriend! Super hungover, at work. Going to rally tonight for the DEATH MARCH OF FUN which may possibly be HAPPENING IN THE SNOW. I'm still happening. I will see you tonight.

xx Billy"

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