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Weekend before last, at the Hey Queen! party at Sugarland someone took this photo and turned it into Black and White where it all of a sudden starts to make a lot more sense.

Friends I want to tell you about my Saturday afternoon. Last week my favorite purple hoodie went missing. I'm pretty bummed about it. THEN last Saturday I noticed that my Sunglasses have also gone missing. Thieves abound! I take this as a sign from the Universe that I need to change up my look. Ok.

But it also meant that I am sort of exposed to the world in a way I hadn't been in a while. I gave myself a haircut on Saturday and went to rehearse this new piece with Rachel Shukert and Cole Escola for a reading we were doing on Sunday night. After meeting at Rachel's house (she had JELLY BEANS for us to snack on, and the play she wrote is really hilarious and insightful and I hope she turns it into a real full play and I hope I get to be in it) I was walking around the East Village to go meet up with Sister Pico and PLD.

So I was just walking around, feeling a little exposed to the elements, and generally "slumming up to people, checking out the race". Staring at people in cafes. I saw this one guy sitting across from a woman in the front of a restaurant, just staring into the street. As I passed I stared at him and watched this guy adjust his glasses. I thought "those are such cool glasses, they're like weird oversized clear plastic" as I watched him fix them on his nose. Then, I thought "well, I guess they're good glasses because they're such a nice face. What a Nice Face that boy has. I guess it's good that I lost my sunglasses so I could check out this kind of beautiful face. I was staring at this face, in the East Village, kind of zoning out, thinking, then "What a nice mole that boy has on his perfect face. Where have I seen a perfect face with a perfect mole before?"

And I realized who I was staring at, and I broke into a run to go meet Sister Pico and PLD to show them, to prove I wasn't making it up. I saw them a few blocks away and I was out of breath and my hands were shaking and I was trying to tell them who I had just seen and I felt myself well up, I felt tears coming to my eyes. (And I never cry. But I also never thought I'd see this face, in real life, in New York City, staring back at me).

Schwartzman is a vegetarian and describes himself as "basically" a vegan due to not eating meat, dairy, or eggs.

Fuck what you heard, she's "basically" a vegan.

Then PLD and Tommy and I saw The Runaways and it was really fucking awesome. It had so many quotable quote lines which I am excited to start aping. Namely, at one point the Kim Fowley character is giving press info over the phone, flipping between photos of the girls, saying stupid hackneyed things like "Joan Jett... Bad girl from the streets..." or whatever. He flips to the photo of Lita Ford and says something along the lines of "Rock goddess on Lead Guitar" but then yells into the phone "You DO NOT fuck with Lita Ford!" Which is very true. You do NOT fuck with Lita Ford. Teebs and I went out drinking afterwards but our hearts weren't in it, really.

Some memories / Spring Cleanings

Church (Won't You Take Me To).

Significant Snax

Darlinda Just Darlinda last Friday night at the Cosmic Cavern party. Looking groovy.
They played this SONG at the party which has haunted me since last August when La JJ and I heard it in Berlin. It's some kind of 80s jam with fake horns and cowbell stuff, sort of Talking Heads-y with a female vocalist who (I think) is singing in French but giving some real Nina Hagen trilling effects, so I'm thinking "What is this amazing Nina Hagen song that I have never heard of, yet DJs on both sides of the Atlantic are rocking as a total vintage dance-party classic jam?" I wish I had an iPhone with that program where you hold it up to the speakers at a nightclub and it listens to the song and recognizes it for you! To save me the indignity of actually talking to a DJ or doing what I'm doing now, which is trying (impossibly) to DESCRIBE A SONG. Anyways. I am fascinated / obsessed with this song. Watch it be totally obvious and ridiculous.

Here's a cell-phone picture of Thee Miss Gerry Visco, reading a poem at Joseph Keckler's Inner Beauty Parlor, just serving the kids their HOT LUNCH. Giving you ragamuffins some god-damned NUTRITION so you can BUILD STRONG BONES.

Finally, Miss Gigi. With her gorgeous face. That face will never age. She will always look amazing. What a face. I would give Gigi Swift a rating of Face and a Half, too. Face Point Five.

Possibly Even Two Faces. Infinite Face Power.

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charlie said...

I'm real intrigued by this Jason Schwartzman story. Jacob ran into him a couple weeks ago on Avenue A while hurrying to Eastern Bloc and Jason Schwartzman stopped him to complement him on his clear plastic glasses. I wonder if he had some also at that point and was complimenting their shared taste or if he was inspired by seeing them on this kid. Anyways, Jacob hurried to Eastern Bloc to catch the end of an open bar (which he missed) rather than continue to chat with Jason Fucking Schwartzman even though he had been stopped by him on the street and he is kind of the sexiest person ever. All to try to get a free drink? Really?