Well, to start with: THANKS! Thanks everyone for putting up with my shenanigans these last couple of months. I was looking over the blog last night and I was shocked with how crazy it's been. I'm not necessarily sorry but I am glad for my friends' support. Keep reading, I promise to be a bit more sane. I feel grateful. And I also feel so much better. So let's talk about why.


(Specifically, in the second half of the 1990s).

My whole about-face / clawing my way out of psychic hell began by remembering a simple fact: Geena Davis is an archer. She began in the late 1990s and was part of the competition for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.

This photo is, obviously, inspiring.

The kids over at the brilliant new Dis Magazine have some cool features on Denim. This got me thinking about how I could also reinterpret, reappreciate something. Like, denim is ubiquitous, and so, I think, is Geena Davis. She had just been a really pretty, talented actress to me, when I was a kid. I obviously knew who she was. She's around. She's out there. But I haven't had time to really re-think my relationship to Geena Davis, what she signifies for me, personally. And thinking about this is really empowering / turning me on. Cause then it means: What else have I been overlooking, failing to really appreciate in my life? What else is ripe for a come-back? What else has surprising significance for me?

Like, realizing // remembering that Geena Davis is an archer. That fact gives me so much hope. I had known this a few years ago and forgotten it. Last night, feeling newly good-about-the-world, I decided to do a little detective work on Geena Davis and archery.

And I came upon this clip of Geena Davis on Letterman in December of 1995. It's a bit long, but pretty crucial. She discusses: The Fruit Olympics, her tattoo, going to hell, and her new hobby.

It kind of gave me shivers last night, to see this clip. Because here, Geena Davis is taking up archery ("What else am I gonna do?") and makes a joke about the 2000 Sydney Olympics, basically DECIDING her destiny. Isn't that heavy? Doesn't that inspire you?

I know that I recently wrote about Delia Deetz as a Style Icon, and I swear I'm not just fixated on Beetlejuice (though there are much worse fixations). Geena Davis, in the clip above, is talking about one of my favorite things, RECUPERATION. Geena has re-fashioned her life after her divorce. She has as she said, like Spawn, gone to hell and transformed into a superhero. (Also, what a weird, lovably geeky reference, right? I mean... Spawn? Really?)

She also had her tattoo of her ex-husband's name changed into a Denny's logo. Fuck you.

So, thinking about Geena Davis also, then, taking up archery and doing really well at it. ANd thinking hos inspiring it is to see her succeed, and also how striking it is to see her do this kind of sport. It's kind of like hunting. It's almost violent. Her with the bow is a striking image. I think "This is a side of Geena Davis which I have not seen before". And then I realize // remember.

In fact Geena Davis has let us into her dark side before.

The 1996 thriller The Long Kiss Goodnight. How could I forget? This was lodged somewhere in the back of my memory and it came flooding back to me as I watched the trailer this morning over my chobani greek nonfat honey yogurt (which PLD turned me on to) and gourmet "witch's brew" coffee (which Ptrick turned me on to), blowing my fucking mind:

I can't even fully get all the way into this. Suffice it to say that this movie inspired Kate Bornstein to go blonde, and it's hardly a wonder why. It makes me want to bleach my hair way more than Courtney Love ever could. (Or Kat Bjelland, whatever). Geena Davis, here, just after the Letterman interview, is literally rediscovering her hidden, forgotten past. Her previous prowess. She is getting her mojo back. And incorporating it into her life. Wrestling with her demons, and winning.

And I feel really fucking inspired by that.

I've put it to the top of my Netflix queue. Maybe you wanna come over and we'll drink shots and watch the movie and then go out and reclaim our rightful places as both mother and monster.

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