(Thank) Heaven for Them

I love girl scout cookies. My sainted mother just sent me a box and I've been feeling wonderful, feeling like this:

Which also of course makes me think of the song "Girl Scout" by Jack Off Jill ("FUCKED WHAT I WANT! FUCK WHAT I NEED!"). And that song always makes me think about the remix on the Covetous Creature EP, by Susan Wallace of Switchblade Symphony.

I am trying to find a source here. I remember really distinctly, in my youth, reading an interview with Switchblade Symphony, probably in BAM Magazine or something, where Susan Wallace mentioned that she worked answering phones at a law firm.

I wonder what Susan Wallace of Switchblade Symphony is up to now? These people are asking the same thing. I had heard somewhere that she moved to Las Vegas and had become a massage therapist.

But I don't remember where I heard that.

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