Top Down

For me, it started on Wednesday night.

Coming home on the train to a good vibe. I had a pretty good idea about a story I had written for my new zine. The last little tweak which kind of makes it okay, in my mind. A mean tweak. But a necessary one! Feeling good.

Thursday night we went to see the Ryan McGinley opening at Team Gallery. I sort of knew it was going to be a total shitshow. I made my piece with that. I am loathe to wait in lines, and I get really nervous in big crowds, but I had sort of warned myself beforehand and it was all fine. The place was, obviously, packed. I was as surprised as anyone that I even got into the gallery. I had a beer and checked out the photos. It's a beautiful show. If you're in NYC it is definitely worth checking out. I think you can probably see the photos online too. I BARELY saw them, though, through the crush of people in and outside of the gallery. Traffic had stopped, the street had been completely blocked. I had a nice chat with Tom from Gayletter. It seemed like every second person at the opening worked for some newspaper, everyone was taking photos. One photographer was snapping a young girl, while another photographer took photos of the first one. Very meta. And then the fire marshall shut down the opening and kicked everyone out. Brief mayhem on the street as police yelled at everyone to clear the streets. McGinley addressed the throng with a megaphone, in a very (as PLD noted) Evita mood. We went out for vegan noodles and macaroons and made our way over to the after party at Main Man. Hung out with homies, got groovy. I broke a light fixture with the back of my head, and while I didn't injure myself I did manage to attract a lot of attention to myself, and spent the next few hours picking broken glass out of my hair. All in all a wonderful night, got home at a decent hour.

Friday after work I met up with PLD and Bobo at Jess Paps' house. I drank root beer and whiskey and we talked mad shit on Lady whatever until it felt like a waste of breath. We were also discussing this really cool paper we had just read, Witches, Bitches & Fluids: Girl Bands Performing Ugliness as Resistance, by Karina Eileraas. SO we were all gabbing and GETTING REALLY into analyzing Kat Bjelland's screams. We had a lovely visit with the intrepid young student Jawn, who painted his toenails (it's the cool thing to do). Eventually we all got rowdy enough to leave. PLD and I stopped by Metropolitan, for like a second, to gab in the garden. Then we headed over to Sugarland for the Hey Queen! party. Which was so. much. fun. I hadn't danced that much in a while. We stayed until ALMOST last call, and the fact that we left of our own volition (as opposed to being kicked out at 4am by the bar staff) made me feel really morally superior for some reason. PLD and I trolled out for snacks and then went to this straight people house party and when an argument broke out we went homes.

Saturday I window shopped and worked on printing out the new zine. I feel totally in love with, like, EVERYTHING at the Comme des Garçons BLACK store. Especially a pair of polyester black shorts which, while marked down, were still out of my price range. I want one of those black shopping tote bags so bad I can taste it but I didn't see any in the store. Hmm. Feeling disappointed that I couldn't have everything I wanted all the time, I spent the next twenty minutes cruising this really cute boy in a (probably much too warm) electric blue sweater through the Chelsea piers. Must be springtime.

A little later on Saturday PLD and I went to a dinner at his house for glamorous Gage and his parents. We had too much good food and too much glamor and conversation. All tuckered OUT! We went to Gage's to get ready to go out for the evening, talked about communities and put on some of the fabulous Joey Kipp's shiny blue eyeshadow. We listened to a bunch of California reminiscing jams. You know, The Judy Experience, "Sippin 40z" by Gravy Train!!!!. Takes me back. We went to Southpaw for the REALLY! Party and danced so, so much. Those girls can really shake it. Amazeballs. We took a car up to wburg where we went to the very last call at the Metropolitan. Talked with Massimo and he said he'd give me one of those special Yes Homo shirts from the Little Victory collection and I CAN'T WAIT. PLD and I went to Hana Food to get late night sandwiches which, not to brag, were fucking amazing.

I woke up Sunday and I was SO SORE and couldn't figure out why. Then I remembered how much dancing I'd done this weekend. It's a good feeling. Yesterday I did chores, took a long walk over the bridge, listening to Uncanny Alliance. Went to a benefit for the awesome HEELS ON WHEELS ROAD SHOW last night. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Tonight I'm gonna go to the gym, cook dinner, and do some physical art work.

PLD pointed out this song to me just before the weekend. I know it's already been out for a minute, but anytime Bobby Birdman puts out a record, it's an excellent excuse to fall in love, don'y you think? I can't wait to dance to this song with you. I wanna put this on a mixtape for you, watch you learn the words. This music is perfect. Like, Bobby Birdman manages to sound actually tropical, exuberant and exotic without pandering to some post-colonialist racist Ivy League aesthetic "joke". Just saying. Stay positive!

Love you, Bobby. Forever.

Also one of the many inside jokes / slogans being bandy-ed about this weekend ("It's a look", "Top Down", "Maybe you're tired from TALKING SO MUCH") was PLD chiding someone that "gimme gimme never gets!" Which is totally true, in terms of attitudes of entitlement. Also sort of by chance this weekend I found out about Bonjay and their song "Gimmee Gimmee". Which is maybe my number two nomination for song of summer 2010. I know it's been out for a minute but it makes me so happy. Check it out:

Stay dry.

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