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Cool David

Laserface video by Ptrick

Lost my sunglasses and lost my hoodie, my protective gear. I've bought some new sunglasses in the mail-order though. I am spending all my money! I need some new money. New ways to make money.

Anyways, thinking super deep last night on the treadmill, listening to basically Every Christina Billotte Song Ever (it helps me stay motivated during my long, sweaty workouts). Realize that I feel like the lyrics to the Casual Dots' "Hooded" (which I refuse to shut up about) are newly more apt to my situation: "Don't walk around like a hooded cat. Don't turn your fears to facts. You only get what you expect. You determine what comes to you next." Deep, huh?

What a wonderfully gross rainy day it is out, right? I like it wet.

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