WKND Warriors

Getting repeatedly hot in the face. Getting repeatedly red in the face. There's this really cool article in the New Yorker on Marina Abramovic's upcoming show at MoMA. At one point Judith Thurman is talking about Abramovic's body of work and there's a sentence I really like: "She has screamed until she lost her voice, danced until she collapsed, and brushed her hair until her scalp bled." Morbid, I know, but I like the idea of, like, Marina Abramovic with a big list of "Things To Do," and she's crossing those things off. Like, exercises of exhaustion. I feel like I ought to be nearing the end of my own hopefully exhaustible tasks. Like: when am I gonna reach the end of this thing? When's the movie over? Ugh.

I've been bumming pretty hard lately, it's true. I was thinking to myself, 'I wonder if people who read this blog, like, people who are not already friends with me in real life, mind when I just write about my personal feelings?' But I didn't give this question too much thought because a) I am doubtful that anyone reads this and b) I don't intend to stop writing about my own personal feelings or whatever. I wish I felt better about certain things. I gotta get over some stuff. But admitting that you need to change is absolutely not the same thing as changing. Anyways, sorry if talking about feelings is awkward.

Anyways I would like to talk about this weekend but really THE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS WEEKEND IS THAT I SAW THIS REALLY AWESOME NEW BAND CALLED LITTLE VICTORY PLAY THEIR FIRST SHOW. Editor's Note: I'm totally biased cause I'm friends with them. But they were amazing. A veritable supergroup of Brooklyn's best queer punk bands (Winning Looks, Mkng Frndz, Love or Perish, Zan's DJ identity DJ As-If).

They played at QxBxRx on Saturday night and I watched their set from the side of the stage in my underpants. I was making sex eyes with this really cute boy all night, and I swear he was kinda looking at me too. Anyways during Little Victory's set this cute boy apparently was on a date and the date showed up and "accidentally" spilled whiskey onto my underpants while jostling betwixt his date and myself. That's okay because a) when it was our turn to go-go in-bwteen bands, I continued to make sex eyes with the boy, and b) I happen to like the smell of whiskey and so do lots of other people and maybe I can get someone who will want to suck the whiskey out of my underpants, maybe even yr boyfriend, fuckker.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. LITTLE VICTORY WAS SO GOOD! You can check out some more info on them here. They're playing a show on the 17th at Death by Audio and I think everyone ought to go. I was thinking about how, like, with all the cool attention that the Riot Grrrl movement of the early 1990s is getting (awesome!) that my experience with all of that art and writing has been removed by a few years. I never got to see Fagatron perform live, you know? I never saw the Lookers. But I did see Little Victory's first show. It felt... historical or something. Maybe they won't get signed to a major label. Maybe they'll even break up tomorrow night after having a fight, who knows. The point is, I felt really, really in the moment. And encouraged, and liberated, and empowered (it's ok to use that word) by their set. It was really fucking exciting and I am so glad it happened. Thank you, Little Victory.


Todd X. said...

I suspect Calvin Klein will come out with a line of whiskey scented briefs in the near future.

Dusty St. Amand said...

So you know, I read this blog and I wouldn't even qualify us as friends or even associates. I genuinely enjoy what you have to say about love, art, fucking, and music. Granted, I skim over the music stuff at times because I'm uncultured and lack that sort of knowledge (grew up kinda poor, couldn't afford to buy music, etc...). I'm bewitched from afar and I draw inspiration from your blog to use on my own/for life, in general.

Please don't stop posting about your feelings.