Cord Daze

Future Stepchildren.

Him: What's your middle name?
Him: J...?
Him: I ask you too many questions. I'll slow down.
Me: Joseph is my middle name.
Me: I'm an open book. Read me. Check me out of yr library.
Him: I owe late fines....
Him: I'd never return you.
Me: Smooooooooooth.
Him: That was good huh...
Him: I have more...

Thinking about Stepchildren and romance makes me think about making this my life:

Only, like, in my version, Julia goes to smoke a joint with Susan and then Susan's cancer is cured and Susan and Julia dump the hubby and kids and run away a la Thelma and Louise, picking up Geena Davis on the way and then in the end nobody dies.

I guess it would be fair to say that my perfect idea of romance is a Susan Sarandon movie where nobody dies.

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PAPS said...

yesterday am i said to gigi when i got home "i just wanna watch susan sarandon movies all day... its a susan sarandon sunday!" soul sister