Cruising Kitty

Gosh. I guess it all began on Thursday night, the way these things tend do. I was trying to "save my energy", or something. After work I went to the gym and ran really really fast while listening to that Björk remix. I met up with the Genius of Erin Markey at her house to work on a commercial for her show, coming up in May at the SoloNOVA Festival at PS122. I am a big fan of Erin's work, and I am always super excited about her, in a general sense. A lot of people these days are getting pretty excited about her. You should be on board (if yr not already). Anyways, here's the video we made. I think there's going to be a second one too (stay tuned). I have to admit that Erin wrote this rap, I can't take credit for it.

and you can buy tickets here.

Hey speaking of cool things and videos my friends are doing, check out this new video by Kevin City from his recent trip to Stockholm! There are (I hear) some very exciting rumbles and rumors coming out of Kevin City lately / soon, and I couldn't be more excited about that. Check him out:

Then check out the rest at KevinCity!

SO after I left Erin's house I went to go pick up some friends to go out to the Mattachine party, where PLD was celebrating his birthday. I stopped by Ben Rimalower's apartment, which, I think needs some kind of a nickname. Maison du Rim? Ben's Pad? Les Mouches Nouveaux, perhaps? Any of the above. Anyways, at Ben's I saw the deeliteful Cole Escola and Bridgett Everett and they were sure cracking me the hell up! I couldn't convince them to get on the train with me though. I got myself to Mattachine at Julius' after getting very extremely lost in the West Village. It was PACKED as usual I guess for Earth Day / PLD's Birthday. It was so packed that I couldn't even get through the bar to go sit with my friends! I mean, I could and did but it took forever. PLD was there with Tommy and Ptrick. Ran into all the glamorous kids. I was exhausted tho and didn't stay long. Zzzs fest.

Friday at work was hard but not impossible. After work I went to Jeffery's house to film a new episode of Jeffery & Cole Casserole. The episode they were working on features Geo Wyeth from Novice Theory and Jive Grave as a hunky new transfer student. Get excited. From Jeffery's I went home to Brooklyn where PLD and Ptrick and I got excited fro Friday. We did some stargazing and then made cocktails with Jack Daniels and Vanilla Coke. I had Jack with Dr. Pepper. It was delicious. The three of us did an epick midnight stroll around the neighborhood. All night. It was such a nice change from, say, getting drunk in some loud bar or something. We cruised a couple of cats on the street, like got down on the sidewalk and hung out with them. Really nice. Perfect springtime evening.

PLD said this really adorable thing which I wanted to repeat. He and Ptrck were talking about how the previous night, Thursday, Earth Day and PLD's Birthday, they saw that the Empire State Building had been lit up green. I told him: "I only know one other person who gets the Empire State Building lit up especially for their birthday," I was going to say, "and that person is Mariah Carey" but before I could, PLD interrupted me and said "SANTA?!" Which is cute because, really, when is Santa's birthday? What sign is Santa? Maybe Erin Markey knows. And in any case I was misremembering about Mariah and the Empire State Building, they lit it up for her when E=MC2 came out, not her birthday (which is March 27th, she's an Aries). I just thought that was too cute.

Saturday I did chores, cleaned my room and felt extra productive. I tried a new breakfast recipe that Mark Bittman once wrote about-- quinoa with parmesan for breakfast. Really cool idea. I met up with my friend Christian to discuss a photo project we're gonna do together, and I'm excited about it. Went to a party at my office, then at Roy's house, with fucking everybody ever, then the Metropolitan. Long night. Long, fun night. Lasting well into Sunday. I was amazingly sleepy but dragged myself over to the Birdsong office where I hung out with the editors, did a little art project, ate pizza, watched TV and talked shit with the girls. Fell asleep reading a Thurston Moore interview.

Wonderful Weekend. Real great.

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