Sister Sigil Syllable

Feeling sort of moody this morning. Overburdened with the world. Wanted for a second to share this with you here on the blog, but decided against it. Think a better use of my time would be to articulate love.

His Birthday is Earth Day.

We met a little over a year ago, I guess. We were pen pals on-line, we read each other's blogs and sent ach other emails, for a couple of weeks. We kept planning on running into each other at various parties or events but couldn't get it together.

Here are some things that remind me of PLD.

We finally met at Glasslands. He came to a show I played at the Secret Faggot party. It happened to be House of Ladosha's incendiary first show. He came up to me to ask to buy a zine and I recognized him immediately. Jiddy, who had danced back-up for me that night and I were headed out to go get high on the waterfront, sweaty and post-show. I invited PLD who came with us around the corner, silently. After passing one of Jiddy's magickal joints around our circle, the first word PLD said to me was:


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