Take You Down

Well, first of all: Thank you!

The reading on Saturday went better than I could ever have hoped for, expected or deserved. I feel so lucky and happy and giddy to see all those wonderful people who showed up. Big thank you to Jamie who runs the Hostess Project, which was our gracious and glamorous host for the evening. Thanks are also due to my fucking fantastic co-performers Tommy Pico, Daniel Portland, and PAPS.

I had a lot of support in producing and promoting this event. I am trying not to feel indulgent about it, but I really do feel so lucky and flattered and privileged that I get to share this work with everyone.

I also want to thank you for reading this blog. I work on a pretty localized, small scale. Chances are if you're reading this then we probably know each other, or probably have a few friends in common. Or like the same bands or something. Kindred in some capacity. And I really appreciate being part of the network of artists, writers, thinkers and (maybe especially) FEELERS that I get to be part of. I love you.

Here's how I feel about this weekend.

Which is to say: FUCKING RAD
(I found this image from CTRL + W33D)

It sort of feels like, maybe just because it is spring, that everything is good and possible again. Does that make any sense? I want to say that the last winter has been hard but that's not exactly true. I've just had a rough couple of months. To be honest, I really did not think that things would get better. But lo and behold they HAVE! Every day truly is, as Sheryl is forever singing in my thoughts, a winding road. A little bit closer to feeling fine. Also for the last couple months my motto had been "I do not have time for boys." That was my excuse for either blowing guys off, being a real jerk, or consciously disengaging with my senses (of romance, etc.). But now I do feel like I have time for boys. But I'm still just as (if not more) busy than ever. Go figure.

Speaking of romance (without which you can't have necromancer), here are some photos of me performing in Philly on Valentine's Day. I wore an outfit that was just red underpants and red yarn and I think I got the right idea.

Photos by Ptrick.

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