Where We Found It

Well. I feel great. A little beat, though. As you know, Mercury is Retrograde. I'm trying to not see this as a horrible thing, this time. I'm trying to see this as the Universe giving me an opportunity to realign, correct my course, and fix old mistakes that need fixing. I'm trying, basically, this optimism thing, because feeling good feels better than feeling bad.
Usually, anyways.

So, gosh. Where to begin? Love this picture, obviously. Love this smell. Smell like it today, in fact. My hands are not greasy though. They're clean, and in fact I've painted my fingernails bright green.

Thursday night was Pussy Faggot, Earl Dax's amazing marathon blowout party at the Delancey. I read as part of the Reading for Filth event which happened early in the night. It was so much fun. I thought the reading was fucking fantastic. I was really nervous beforehand, which is weird since I never get nervous (about anything-- I'm not scared of anything). Strange. Had a super duper blast. Hung out in the front with all the cool kids. I can't even get into it. Too, too much fun.

Here's a picture taken of me right after I finished reading by The Wonderful World of Walt Cessna. My hero.

Managed to sneak out early (for me) and didn't get drunk or anything so I didn't get a hangover. Kudos me. I'm kind of getting the hang of this. Despite any and all precautions, Friday was still rough. I dunno why, but I was super exhausted. I guess maybe even though I didn't get a hangover I still wanted more sleep. So work was rough but I dragged myself to the gym and out the door for fun party times. I went to go see Paps' show in Park Slope but I arrived just after they played. Bummer! I took a car (I had just gotten paid) and it took forEVER and the driver was playing this jazz station that was doing a tribute to Herbie Mann and with the rain and everything it felt sort of perfect. And then my driver got into a fight with another cab driver and kind of ruined my groove. Oh well.

PLD and Diego and I went to a really fun party at Pozsi Tecnikolor Banshie's house. It was really fun and tons of glamorous kids came and danced and we all had a great time. I love a good house party. Pozsi was DJing and he played this really amazing remix of Björk's "It's In Our Hands" by the Soft Pink Truth. It could have been the crazy rum punch or something but when we were dancing to this song I was really feeling it. In fact, I told PLD at the time "I hope this song never ends" and while the song is satisfyingly long, it did in fact end. Bummer. And then I found it online! Probably everyone's heard it before, but it's really blowing my mind this weekend. I cannot get over this. Won't even try.

Saturday I painted my nails, did some errands, and generally got some rest. I went to go meet up with the kids to go see Paps play at the Silent Barn. This time I made sure not to miss the show. We all had a fantastic time.

Jiddy's beautiful face. Jess, lounging.

Onstage moods.

They did such a good set. I sat in the very front. Afterwards, some home girls went out to the Gag! 6 year anniversary party at the bar. I wanna start calling it the Cosmopolitan but I think that's not the correct use of the word cosmopolitan. I had too much fun, as usual. Again. But so nice for springtime.

Sunday was Lola's amazing birthday party.

We hung out on her roof underneath this ominous clock. Weird, huh? We watched this rally horrifying movie called House of the Devil. I succeeded in not having nightmares last night.

Ok. Headed back into the week. Yikes.

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