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Well, friends. It's almost the weekend. And not a moment too soon! I am really excited about having a three-day weekend. In part because next week I go in for more tooth surgery. Yikes! I hope the recovery this time is a bit easier. And I hope someday soon I get a new tooth. Jeez. But so much to do this weekend!

Friday night is both the new SPANK Party, as well as the next installment of NYC's Best and Craziest Dance Party, JUDY! I have my night PLANNED. I want some coconut water just in ADVANCE.

Speaking of Wonderful Things, if you're not already, you should be following the FAGCITY TUMBLR. And additionally, if you like that, you should follow the tumblr that PLD and I are co-authoring, as a way of sharing some of our references for our new band, B0DY H1GH. Not To Brag / Just To Brag: we've been practicing and we're really really good.
So, you know, there're those to watch.

Also, I am very happy to announce that there is a pretty swanky interview and photo spread with Yours Truly in the first-ever issue of PLASTER MAGAZINE. Check it out!

Erin Markey closes her show Puppy Love: A Stripper's Tail this week at PS122. It was really such a fantastic show. I'm so thrilled that I know her in real life and get to hang out with her sometimes. Her work in the show is very smart, really incisive, but also kind of subtle. I mean, there are huge musical numbers, there's screaming, there's belting out original songs in a baby outfit, upside down on a stripper's pole, while she plays the toy piano, too. But many of the messages in the show are really nuanced, distinct, and beautifully articulated. Erin's show is, to my mind, about wrestling with desire. The show reminded me why it's called having a CRUSH on someone. It's crushing. It's hard. And Erin conveys this with a clear, distinct voice, and a real generosity towards her audience. BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Our Beloved Big Sister Ben Rimalower posted a gorgeous blog about Erin, and there's a really interesting interview with Erin herself here. Get learned.

Another brilliant wunderkind Gio Black Peter gives a quick interview at East Village Boys to celebrate his biggest solo art show yet, at Galeri Se in Norway. His new paintings are fantastic! I wish I could see the live performance. The EVB interview has some lyrics to a new song of his which is very interesting. Gio is doing something very exciting these days, and his new paintings seem to point to just how in control of his message he is. There is less guess-room now. Or, the guess-work is about different elements in his work. There are still pretty clear points of engagement in Gio's work, the kind of 'sly winking at the viewer' type of thing, but it's much more subtle in the new work. He's working with, as he says, new themes such as government / social control and religion, but filtered through his pretty unique voice. I think this is just great. The paintings are beautiful and I can't wait for his next NYC show. Check that out, too.

Oh press. Oh discourse. Oh making-everything-up. Lynn Hirschberg interviewed MIA for the NY Times, and MIA voiced her displeasure with the article thusly. I don't want to beat a dead horse or anything, but why would you do an interview with LH anyway? Haven't we learned our lesson?

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