Everything Flies.

The weekend began again as usual on Thursday night. It has to begin, the way everything does, with a confession of guilt: I missed seeing my friends PAPS and Baby Alpaca play on Thursday at Pete's Candy Store. I'm really sorry. BUT, I had already made plans to see the Blow play at Glasslands. It was a really wonderful set. Khaela did a bunch of new songs, about working as a professional songwriter for a media icon on an album that never, actually came out. It was brilliant, actually. I hadn't seen Khaela perform since probably 2006 or 2007. I could go on and on about the show and stuff, but I won't, since I don't want to give anything about her new show away. She did a bunch of older songs too, saying. There's a good review with some nice photos and video over at Stereogum. It was really inspiring to see the show, though, as usual. I think a lot about how seeing Khaela perform, in probably 2001 or 2002, was really influential for me. I remember my BFF Cotton saying how he saw her play at Yoyo-A-Gogo in 2001 and she was so good. Back then the band was called Get The Hell Out Of The Way Of The Volcano, and there was less dancing happening, maybe. But she's always been groovy. Anyways I was super impressed then and continue to be. Now, Khaela Maricich is a bona fide indie pop star. Isn't that weird and great? Her songs are, to my mind, about triumph (failure and reconciliation and talking about it are all part of triumph). It's great.

Friday night was the Birdsong event. It was a blast. I read my story from the new issue, "Rise High". I thought everyone involved did a really great job. I can't believe it's been two years since Birdsong started. Time flies, I guess, when you're having fun. And also when you're not. How about: Everything flies. After the reading we went to meet up with dear friends from the PDX, Emma and Mister J. We went over to Sugarland to see Tayisha Busay perform. They were so great! They totally killed it. I love them so much. Friday I got a real Luscious Jackson / Deee-Lite / Cibo Matto vibe from them. It all kind of clicked, the sort of approach they're taking. Really great set. We stayed out too late on Friday, though. For sure.

Saturday I rested and generally did whatever I wanted. I went to the gym, grocery shopping, cooked a huge elaborate meal and watered the hosueplants. Eventually met up with PLD and Ptrick the Witch and we headed over to Lady Rimalower's Castle, where we met an all-star cast: Cole, Jeffery and Miss Erin Markey. We definitely had too too much fun and didn't get home until about 5:00am. Breif cameo by Miss Sara Jane, and a quick jaunt to the Metropolitan, where we held court in their lush garden patio. Those new lights they installed are such a great touch. I want to say that they add a touch of class to the experience of going to Metro, but that wouldn't be true. The new lights do, however: a) temporary blind me when I'm trying to walk through the patio, because they're so fucking bright and they're aimed upwards right into my eyes, and they also b) make the place feel like I'm in a rich person's backyard somewhere in Los Angeles. This isn't a bad thing, is just sends the message: 'this jungle is fake / engineered for your pleasure / unnatural'. Anyhow we didn't stay there long.

Sunday I just sort of bummed around the East Village with PLD. Read Italian Vogue and ate Good & Plenties in McCarren park. Hung out on my roof, watched part of an old Pam Grier movie and fell asleep reading. Very nice weekend.

Thinking so much about this song, again, randomly:

I think Joanna Newsom is really productive for me as a measure of how well I'm doing in the optimism / worldview department. On my darker days: I cannot get into it. I can't stand it. I don't even want to be around people whom I suspect are Joanna Newsom fans. On loopier days, I can't listen to her records without laughing uncontrollably at the sound of her voice. Other days it just speaks to me. Y'know? This weekend has been somewhere in the middle of that triangulated map, but I have been thinking specifically about this song a lot this weekend. Kind of ruminating. I had a really intense dream on Friday night about someone from my past. That he and I kept running into each other and kept confessing things to each other, like, dark secrets and stuff. I have a really strong memory of this person and I hanging out in his living room in what felt like summer but could not possibly have been. The ceiling is low and we're stoned and he's singing along to the phrase "I killed my dinner with karate". I don't know why this is popping into my head, I dreamed it maybe. I listened to this song a lot this weekend, thinking about the feeling. (But, I don't want to say the feeling, this time).

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