Figure a Finger, Figure Two

Having some big ideas, lately. Getting myself all worked up.

For one thing: I started a Tumblr. Like five years late. That's gonna not have as much text and will be mostly a repository for images. Like a scrapbook. I'll still post relevant images here, too. This will be the print version and that will be the web version and my actual zine is an art object, a period piece. When I referred to the shitty b&w xerox quality of the new Scorcher as a "period piece" recently, Ptrck said, sagely, that it is: "A getting my period piece" which is kind of true.

Anyway, subscribe to that if you like.
Working on some text for new shows. Maybe new shows. Maybe I'm really just becoming a stand-up comic. But what if it's not supposed to be funny and what if it's just true life? What does that make me? A reality star? No. I guess my job is to find a new thing to be. That's not sch a bad lot in life. In fact, that's everybody's job. Whew. I feel less pressure.

Hey here is this amazing video by Sadie Shaw, called "Acting on a Threat". It features Kathi Wilcox whi is a certifiable Style Icon, as well as Carlos from the PeeChees who was one of the first boys I ever consciously hada crush on, in high school. So dreamy. JUST TO NAME DROP: once he came to QxBxRx and I couldn't stop staring at him and I was talking loudly to my friends about how cute I think he is, and a girl standing next to us (who I guess is friends with him) turned around and said how sweet that was and that I should tell him and I was MORTIFIED. But then later as I was go-go dancing onstage he gave me a dollar! I died.

Acting on a Threat from Sadie Shaw on Vimeo.

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Stay-At-Home-Dan said...

A new thing to be. Like: a performance artist?