The Glamorous Life Thereof

Well first of all, Mercury turned direct last night. We're still probably feeling the effects of the retrograde for a few more days. But we are more or less out of the woods. I feel much better.

So last night after work I went to this loft in Bushwick to do a photo shoot for the new issue of Spank Magazine. Sean, who runs it, is super sweet, I've always known about it and thought it was rad. I was a little bit nervous, though, about the photo shoot cause I saw on the call sheet that there would be all kinds of assistants, which means PROFESSIONALS and despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary I am shy and easily intimidated. I was also curious what we'd be wearing! I knew we had this big shot stylist working on it and I was nervous until I saw Ladyfag's tweet that she was wearing Rodarte. So, y'know: score.

When I arrived I saw immediately two of my absolute favorite people: Nath-Ann Carerra and Nicholas Gorham. Nath-Ann was done up as a kind of coyote/goat/satyr hybrid, and Nicholas was a flamingo. So rad. Really cool stuff.

Here's a video of Nath-Ann performing a cover of Yoko Ono's "What A Bastard The World Is" on Sunday night with Mx Justin Bond:

So beautiful, right? Doesn't that make you feel somehow stronger, better, fortified? It does for me.

And hey here's a new Nicholas Gorham video! Yay! Very cute Mercedes commercial:

Oh Nick. Oh Nath-Ann. When I was sitting in the make-up chair, getting turned into a lizard (a sexy lizard, trust), in walked Pony! Another fave. The shoot was in the loft he lives in. He was on his way to get ready to go see Massive Attack. Sooo jealous. I've been listening to Blue Lines all week for some reason. Really feeling, y'know, deep. Hey speaking of Massive Attack:

God I love that song.

Anyways we did the photo shoot pretty quickly. It was easy and fun and exciting. I am thinking about how, like, maybe two or three years ago, when I had what I would consider my first big photo shoot experience, it seemed overwhelming. But last night it seemed totally logical and easy and fun. I dunno. Either I'm getting older or I can just appreciate things like living in NYC. You know. Day in the life. I came home and scrubbed off my make-up and ate some soup and put on my night cream and watched Wendy Williams.

And you cannot fuck with any of that.

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