How to Get, and Stay, Down

What a wonderful weekend. Mercury is, as I'm sure you know, retrograde until the 11th. Normally this really upsets me (and a lot of us). This is the first time I can remember it being retrograde when it didn't totally freak me out. I am actually kind of digging it. The endless delays, blockages, and renegotiations that mark this transit seem to be really working for me. Like "OK WORLD! You're stopping me from doing what I thought I wanted. So now, what do I really want?" I feel like we have a really great opportunity here to make everything perfect and good. If something isn't really ready, then it's just not gonna happen. Don't stress about it, but do re-think it. There's no rush.

I really felt it this weekend. Specifically this thing of thinking you know what you want, and the thing of dealing with disappointment, of rolling with punches.

Did what I think is going to be a really great photo shoot with my friend Christian. Sort of a Jean-Paul Goude effect (in my mind-- I haven't seen the pictures yet and my imagination works, as we now know, overtime). Saturday night was the return of the JUDY! party. What is there for me to say about this legendary dance party? I feel like so much of NYC 'nightlife' for lack of a better world (tho I am implicitly referring to the culture of artists in NYC: musicians, performers, writers, visual artists, promoters, downtown, queer, drag, radical, etc.) is often stuck in this trope of the constantly disappearing NYC nightlife. This is incidentally also the way in which certain queer identities are often discussed. Anyways, it has been such a wonderful privilege to be able to be here in NYC for the beginning of the Judy! party. The kids who throw it (Ben, Brian, Gabriel and Mikki) are really invested in making something that is inclusive, productive, and generative. As opposed to, say, something exclusive, limited, precious, destructive. It's been a year since the last Judy! party and this weekend it really lived up to my expectations. Lots of dancing and all other forms of socializing. Here's a picture of it:

Can you spot Billy?

Sunday morning basically revolved around my hangover. That, the wonderful sunshine, and me dancing in my room. I downloaded this really amazing DJ set by Lady Kier, Lickerish Radio's Feb 2010 DJ Set which you can download here. It's a couple of months old, but really right-on. Lady Kier is such a genius.

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