Journey to a Non-Identified Symbol

So Friday after work I met up with PLD at KS Art for an event celebrating the release of Kim Gordon's book, Performing/Guzzling. As part of the event there was a performance by Bad Adult, the band comprised of Kim and Jutta Koether. It was, of course, amazing.

Kim played guitar and made noises with Jutta and sang the following (the ellipses are where I couldn't write down what she was saying fast enough):
She kept repeating the phrase Journey to a Non-Identified Symbol as she walked into the crowd. The room was silent, and rapt. And I felt like I was at church. She returned to the stage and ended the piece. It was pretty fucking spectacular. I felt like I had been to church. For some reason going to see Sonic Youth always feels like that for me. Kim was giving full-on witch / priestess vibes. (Obviously terms like 'witch' and 'priestess' are interchangeable, I'm just pointing to how our language holds us back, maybe). A bunch of friends and fans accosted her after the performance, but PLD and I stuck around, and once she had put her guitar down and was making her way through the gallery, I stopped her, told her I was a big fan of her work, and gave her a copy of my zine. It was medium-size awkward and geeky, but I feel like that's okay. She is absolutely a hero of mine, a total beacon of inspiration. I hope she reads the zine. Anyways.

I remarked to PLD: "Now that is what I call performance art". I feel like so much of the performance work that I see in NYC (and even that I make) happens in a theater, and is, essentially, theater work. There is no value-judgment implicit in this, but I know that personally I have been interested in exploring other modes of performance. And seeing Kim Gordon on Friday reminded me that, you know, I don't really consider myself a theater artist. I am personally more comfortable in a music / visual art / party / happening mode of working. It was a very good realization. Warm and tingly.

Right afterward, PLD and I headed to CPR to see the brilliant Jose Munoz give a talk as part of Earl Dax' QueerConscience week.

OK HERE'S THE THING: Dr. Munoz' work, especially his new book Cruising Utopia: The Politics and Performance of Queer Futurity was kind of a perfect counterpoint to Kim Gordon's performance. I feel really connected to what Dr. Munoz describes as being the sort of 'job' of queer performance practice (I am paraphrasing to such an insane extent that I shouldn't even mention his name, but still). Namely, that as marginal members of mass culture, we have the opportunity and responsibility to envision, explore, interrogate and then redefine possible utopian spaces and futures for ourselves and our freaky queer communities. I don't know. I felt very turned-on and very excited about the world this weekend.

Saturday I gave a talk at Queer Conscience with filmmaker Andy Bydalek, which was so great. I am interested in doing more "live interviews". So, keep your eyes peeled. After the talk, Ptrick, Cole, PLD and I went to our lovely friend Ben Rimalower's wonderful birthday party, where we saw many near and dear friends, including Jeffery Self (from 30 rock) and the inimitable Erin Markey. Who is, essentially, the best ever. Scurrying back to Brooklyn, PLD realized he didn't have subway fare so he came in the turnstyle with me. I have never done that in the subway before, but the time I did do it a pair of cops seemed to be waiting for us, and they gave us the maximum ticket you can give someone for this offense. ALL I'M SAYING IS: The MTA has notoriously cooked it's books for years and now NYC citizens have to pay for it, and also FUCK THE POLICE. Anyways. When we finally got onto the train we sat down from this beautiful creature whose ankle posture really summed up how I was feeling.

Glamorous, but broken. Went to the Spank / Homochic party above Public Assembly, then to the Metropolitan, where we ran into Chris from Baby Alpaca. We all went over back to Ben's house where we stayed until fucking 6:30am. What a night.

Here's a photo of me and Chris taken by Earl Dax. We're at Khim's in Wburg, cruising snacks. It's probably four in the morning.

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