Nature Intended the Abstract for You and Me

Tuesdays are a real site of trauma for me, for some reason. It just stresses me out. To put a positive spin on this, I would say that the really RAD thing about Tuesdays is that I am in such a predictably awful mood, that I sort of approach the whole Tuesday "Project" with the goal of finding myself things that will cheer me up. Which is actually a really wonderful way to approach any situation, unpleasant tho it may be. Do I sound like a hippie? That's okay if I do. I am having a JAM PACKED week, this week, again. Not even stressing about boys. Not even stressing about it. Almost didn't want to mention any boys cause they're figuring so small into my week-plan. Not even gonna stress. Don't care. Seriously.

Anyways, I had a really good breakfast this morning and then this fact occured to me so I figured I'd play a round of my favorite game, Y'KNOW WHAT I LOVE?. Okay so for today (MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU, AND ALSO WITH YOU):



Also, check out what I got in the mail yesterday from my buddy Darin Klein!

21st Century Queer Artists Identify Themselves, a ‘zine by and about queer artists living and working in the 21st Century. A resource for sharing information and educating ourselves and our peers. A guide to identifying, contacting and inspiring each other. Artists from from around the world were invited, and 59 participants answered the call, each producing 100 standard size copies of images and/or texts documenting or representing their work. Contributors were instructed to include biographical info, web and email addresses and artist statements on the backside. The pages were collated alphabetically and stapled together. The result: 100 ‘zines including all the submissions, released to the public tonight at the Queer Pile-up!

‘Zine contributors:
Adam J. Ansell, Brent Armendinger, Eden Batki, Christopher Baughman, Jennifer Blowdryer, bodega vendetta, Erich Bollmann, George Bolster, Kathrin Burmester, Enrique Castrejon, osvaldo cibils, Kelly Cline, Tracy Dishman, Drew Dunlap, Kelly Eginton, Deanna Erdmann, Edie Fake, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Brian Gainey, Paul Gellman, Abel Baker Gutierrez, Michael Hayden, Kate Hoffman, Onya Hogan-Finlay, Larissa Brantner James, Dave Jones, Dawn Kasper, Hedi El Kholti, Darin Klein, David LeBarron, Anthony Lepore, Matt Lipps, Marget Long, Ian Mackinnon, Lucas Michael, Joanne Mitchell, Sharon Molloy, Ali Naschke-Messing, Amir Nikravan, Maria E. PiƱeres, Joshua Ploeg, Andrew Printer, prvtdncr, Steven Reigns, Christopher Russell, Jimena Sarno, Daniela Sea, Zachary Sharrin, Cedar Sigo & John Huston, Jen Smith, Max Steele, Margaret Tedesco, Elysa Voshell, Jim Winters, Suzanne Wright, The Yes Men, Joe Yorty, Austin Young.
I can't tell you how fucking excited, honored, jazzed, whatever, to be including in this zine. It's kind of unreal. So many really rad artists included, familiar and new faces. I am going to contact each and every one. Yowza. Also so fucking excited that thanks to an alphabetical coincidence, my page is right behind the legendary Jen Smith's. I was just blogging about Jen last week, she sort of invented riot grrrl, is kind of my hero, yadda yadda. Is it a sign? Maybe. Possibly.

I don't know how many of these zines are left, but you can check out the fabulous Darin Klein and see what he is up to, maybe he will send you one. I have one which I am keeping in my bedroom, so if you want to come over and check it out you can, but you checking it out has to happen (the way so much of my art practice does) in my bedroom. Just a warning. Just a caveat.

Speaking of caveats, when I was little I always conflated the words "caveat" and "caviar". Did anyone else? So in my mind, only very rich, very beautiful and very mean ladies with their hair pulled in extra tight buns, wearing black, eat caviar. And similarly, only those same iconic 80s mean females employ logic which hinges on a caveat. Obviously, idolization. Also obviously, I've grown up into something of a vegan, so I don't eat caviar but I do seem to susbsist on caveats. Does that make any sense? Maybe not.

Anyways tonight I have practice for my new band B0DY H1GH, with PLD, who as you should know, has moved his blog to Tumblr. (Should I move my blog there? Can someone help me make a website that links Tumblr and this blog? Someone? Probably not until Mercury turns direct, I guess). Regardless, here are some songs I've been super duper digging extra deep grooves into, dancing in the kitchen last night while I was cooking, thinking about B0DY H1GH and sounds and vibes we employ. But like, the boyscout versions of these songs, maybe. And a little bit meaner, tougher.

I want to paint my fingernails either orange or brown.

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