Have I Read Too Much Fiction?

Thinking a lot about this record, and its cover. It's totally the poseur Sundays record. It's their biggest-selling. The most commercial. Almost a caricature of what the band was ostensibly about. I really love Reading, Writing and Arithmetic as well as Blind. But this is the first one I ever got. And I still like it best. I feel like their previous work was more Cocteau Twins-ish, maybe. And history will be cruel to the Sundays and may well view them (as I sometimes view their first two albums) as unfortunately prescient, vague harbingers of a group we'd later come to know as Sixpence None The Richer. Ugh, right?

Anyways this song has always felt like Summertime to me, obviously. What I like about it is that it's not, really, a happy song. It's kind of about how desperate people are and how Love isn't really real. It's fleeting or whatever. I remember the first time I heard this song, I was home from school, alone. I think I may have been sick or something. It was springtime in the Bay Area. I remember there was a rainstorm and the power was knocked out. My dad called me from his office to see if I was okay. I was, but I was freaked out that I couldn't get the lights to work and I was bummed that all the power was gone. It wasn't scary, per se. But weird. I don't know. What I remember is that apparently I had left the radio on (when I was a kid, we used to listen to the radio), and when the power came back on, Live 105.3FM came booming through the speakers and this song came on and although it was grey and storming outside I remember dancing around my family living room to this song. Because I am a Joyful Girl.

I remember really missing this album in college, and buying it for a song from half.com (when I was in college, we still listened, sometimes, to CDs). My friend Liz made fun of me but my friend Marcus confided that he really loved that album. And not just the hit! It's totally a great record! The other single, "Cry" is great, as well as "Monochrome", from whence the album gets it's title and iconic (to a certain small segment of the fag population) album art. Thinking a lot about the Moon these days. And this record. And it is, after all Summertime.

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