I feel super anxious today and I don't know why. There's no reason to.
I guess I'm kind of nervous about the show I'm doing on 7/21 at this year's Hot! Fest. But I wonder if that's the only thing scaring me.
Doing the old psych trick of: "What is this feeling? What is this about? Does it really come from nowhere?" And not getting any clues. Could use a diving rod, I guess. Some kind of implement of divination.

One divine hammer, I guess you could say, is what I'm looking for.
But then again, not just one. And not necessarily a hammer.
Thinking a lot, as always, about Anjelica Huston

Tonight I'm going to go see my long-lost friend Alex Da Corte in what looks to be a fantastic group show at Yvon Lambert. And then I'm running home to eat dinner and then going back to the city to see that new Tilda movie I Am Love with my buddy Stephen. Last night I did a read-through of my genius friend Dan Fishback's new play. I'm wearing fancy clothes and I feel pretty good physically. I have a good situation.

Thinking a lot about Ways of Speaking. And how we know how to speak. Like, who's language we're trying to use and who we want to understand us. And maybe if there are quicker ways of somebody understanding you than simply trying to learn they're language. There might be quicker ways. That might not even be the point.

So why can't I relax? Man. I'm gonna go walk along the West Side Highway or something.

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