Let Me Show You

I don't know if I could come up with another phrase which I find more thrilling, more subtly erotic, than: "Here, let me show you" or some variant thereof. What I take this phrase to mean is "I know, and I want you to know. And your not knowing isn't an impediment. In fact, I'll show you so that you'll know for yourself. I won't tell you, I'll guide your hand for you." And how hot is that? I feel like this is a really good slogan to work with: LET ME SHOW YOU. (As opposed, necessarily, to LET ME TELL YOU).

And I guess I'm thinking a lot about this because I'm really working on showing and not telling. Which runs the risk of falling prey to certain aesthetic traps, certain colonialist impulses. Certain martyrdoms. Certain kinds of come-ons: Here I am in my bed, freshly made. Don't I look comfortable? Climb on in. That is needlessly heavy and complicated. Here's what I mean by showing versus telling: I made it into bed. Which means you can too. It's the exact opposite of being a vanguard, it's the total enemy of being cool. I want to make a certain kind of desire plain. I want to demystify feelings. I want to demystify your feelings, and I think we can do it together. If you'll be so kind as to show me.

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