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This morning when I got to work there was a bowl of M&Ms sitting on the table in the conference room. I have allowed myself to gorge only on the green ones. Which is to say: I feel better than I did yesterday, I guess. And I didn't think I would. I feel sort of gross, like maybe it's too personal to share my crazy person thoughts with the twitterverse. Maybe not. I feel like that singer I really love Alecia Moore p/k/a Pink. Once I saw an interview with her in which she was describing making her second album, Missundaztood, saying that she thought, at first, of the lyrical content: "Oh, no. I can't say that! I can't be so vulnerable!" But she went ahead and did it anyway. And I really love that record. Seriously, "Don't Let Me Get Me" reliably brings a big fat warm crocodile tear to my eye.

Anyways. It is now the weekend. There are some really rad things you should check out. As you know, this weekend is Bushwick Open Studios. There are 65,386 different studios to visit, so here are my two picks.

First, My Awesome Room Mate Patrick Dyer is showing some of his work at my friend Naruki's studio!

Ptrck's Paw aka "Gay Jesus", via CTRL+W33D

Check it out!
Naruki Kukita, Ryosuke Kumakura + Patrick Dyer ( guest artist )
Two painters open their studio. They have three wishes in their hearts.

252 Melrose St. #3R
Brooklyn, NY

Dates & Times
Friday June 4th – Sunday June 6th, 2010,


ok so that is so rad! Also check out the wonderful SALON hosted by everyone's favorite glamazonsters BABY SKIN GLOVE:


Then also on Saturday night is QxBxRx, where I will be go-go dancing with Richert and Johnny Darling. The original QxBxRx Go-Gos. We love each other.

Mom Words and Up Hers.

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