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Well girls. Summer is really here, it's finally happening. I think I've mentioned it before, but Springtime can be hard. Even though it's probably my favorite season in NYC, there's this weird kind of anxiety that overtakes me during Springtime. Like, things coming back to life. It feels like everything is sped up. Previously inert parts of the world suddenly jump into life. I always feel like there's this tremendous pressure, amidst the birds and bees, to make the most of the season. To make good on the promise of rebirth. Yaddah to the motherfucking yaddah. ANYWAYS: that's over. It's Summer now.

Sticky as it is, uncomfortable though it may be, there is a really great feeling of the City in Summer. The feeling is: delirious. The feeling is being cooked. Most of us (most molecules with in) change, betray our secret natures when sufficiently heated. It's not always but often nice. Though I say this with the privilege of being a Fire Sign. Confirmed. Why do you think I named the zine Scorcher?

So this weekend was fun. Friday night PLD, Ptrick and I got ready at home, watched a video on eye make-up, some Sonic Youth clips and did our nails. We drank tasty gin and limeade cocktails and went to the Boiler Room, Nowhere Bar, and then the Metropolitan. What a night!

Saturday I met up with lovely Stevie, brilliant artist friend visiting from Berlin and staying with me. He and PLD and I went to go check out some of the Bushwick Open Studios. First we went to go see Ptrick's work, sharing a space at the lovely apartment of Naruki Kukita and Ryosuka Kumakura. It was so great!

This is one of the images Ptrck showed. His installation was really beautiful and thoughtful. It made think a bit about Butoh, and the ways in which Western and Eastern aesthetic practices inform each other. I know that Ptrick had recently seen a Butoh performance at the Brooklyn Gardens, and also Kazuo Ohno recently passing away, but Ptrick's work (what I've seen of it) often has this very clean taste. Very simple and almost austere, but never forceful or political or anything. I was super into the three artists showing together. Do check out everyone's work.

Next we went over to Groomingdales!, the 1983-1985 themed Glamour mall hosted by the Raddest Girls In NYC, BabySkinGlove. A million girls named Heather ran around their apartment tending to our various glamour needs, and in fact taking some photos of us once we had been dolled up. To wit:

SO MUCH FUN. BabySkinGlove are just getting bigger and better and more and more rad and amazing and I am so excited about them. They make living in NYC seem that much more worth it, cause I get to go to their shows. How wonderful. We stopped by 3rd Ward to see Tommy and the girls working the Birdsong Micropress table at the zine fair. Headed off to the city where I made PLD and Stevie go with me to both of the Comme des Garçons stores. First obviously the CdG BLACK store, where I am deeply, deeply in love with everything there, though it hovers entirely out of my price range. Stevie tried on some super cute denim shorts which all of us, friends and staff alike, thought looked great on him. We wandered up to the main CdG boutique to go cruise new scents, particularly the new Wonderwood:

Apparently CdG was having one of its semi-annual sales. I dunno if they're secret or not but I wish I was one of the lucky cognoscenti who get their fabulous beautiful magickal mailings. It was funny, because before going over to the boutique I made some joke to Stevie and PLD about how the sales staff are always so frosty to me, because I obviously don't belong in the store, but their frostiness is tempered somewhat by the fact that they all wear new CdG clothing, tending towards the baroque, so it doesn't seem so mean when a woman wearing a see-through nylon shift dress with eight extra sleeves is glaring at you. MY POINT IS: whether because of the sale, or the warm weather, or SOMETHING the staff were very nice to us, three shady Brooklyn punk queens with homemade manicures, cutoff shorts, and expensive taste. While perusing the discounted (still a bit price-y) merchandise, in walked Jean-Paul Gaultier, looking perfectly normal and nice. I only recognized him because I had just watched an interview with him online the day before. And, obviously, because the sales staff huddled around him to welcome him. He and his friend and PLD and Stevie and I all tried on the perfumes together. We tested out the Wonderwood (not for sale yet) it was cute. I asked the nice shop-boy if they had any of their Synthetic fragrances, since I didn't see any displayed, and they DID and they are cheaper than anywhere I could find them online, so I got the TAR scent. It smells really good. I can't wait for you to get close enough to sniff it on me.

We walked down the Highline, got really nice falafel at this place Taim in the west village, and I came home for a nap. We all met back up at QxBxRx, where there was super duper fun. Danced with Johnny Darling and Richert, the old lovers, saw many old friends and had too too much fun. Outside on the sidewalk was harassed for wearing my go-go uniform (underpants plus make-up to look like a black eye). A pretty young girl walked up to me to ask if she could take a photo with me and Richert. I informed her, as I sometimes do to these Lower East Side Looky-loos, that if someone wants to take a photo of me, especially in my skivvies, then they have to pay me a dollar (and one for Richert as well). Sometimes I charge two. I can sell my body if I wanna, god knows you already sold yr mind. QxBxRx turned into a long night, as it always does, when we headed off to the Metropolitan for a night-cap. Once that closed down we went out for fancy veggie sandwiches, then collected Anthony and came up to our roof to watch the sunrise and talk shit about Steampunk, Tori Amos, and much love for Marina A. Anthony showed us this hilarious video of Tori (who I usually have nothing to say about, ever) which really tickled all of us:

I hit the hay around 7am in what was a particularly epick party arch.

Sunday I ran some errands, went back to the Metro BBQ, came home and watched sunset on my roof, then cartoons until I passed out at like 10pm. What an Old Maid! On TV I saw the following, which totally mesmerized me:

OK. Now it's Monday. So much! It is so Monday right now, guys.

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