Well, people. I don't know about you but I feel pretty fucked-up. I felt a ton better yesterday after I went home, watched the sun set on my roof with Ptrck, and cooked myself dinner. I watched The Long Kiss Goodnight, which had been sitting on my desk for months, since I ordered it from Netflix some months ago.

I wrote a little while back about how much I love Geena Davis, and this movie was so special. FULL DISCLOSURE: I was kind of saving this movie to watch on a date, but the particular person I wanted to watch it with isn't available / I changed my mind. Also I believe, sometimes, in taking one's own self on dates, in being the person you'd want to date, yourself, in feeling sexy and fulfilled and not hanging one's self-worth on someone else's reaction. Sometimes. SO I watched this movie and it was fucking fantastic and I can't wait to force everyone in my life to see it. Gosh, yesterday was such an awful day for me. That really cheered me up. It's chock full of quotable quotes, and it makes me want to bleach my hair. Obviously. This film is also the inspiration for Kate Bornstein's switch to Blonde in the early 1990s. And I don't think I need to tell both trusty readers of this blog (Hello Daddy, Hello Mom) that Kate Bornstein Usually Has The Right Idea.

Remember her book, Hello, Cruel World? I think I lent my copy to someone after I finished reading it, but I really wish I had it again cause I think it would be nice to review.

So then this morning went to NYU to get further work done on my New Dental Implant. Today we measured around the screw to see what type of abutment to get for my implant. Here's what part of my mouth would look like if you had x-ray eyes.

Hello there! The bad news is that because I had this tooth very unceremoniously knocked out of my face last summer, and have spent much of the last year in moderate to not-moderate pain, I've been chewing primarily on the other side of my mouth, and, lo-and-behold, was told this morning I have another cavity. Fuck. But, the good news is I found a really cheap dentist who comes high recommended from my old room mate Juneefuh. So I guess that'll take care of that. Pretty depressing though.

My homegirl La JohnJoseph shared an exciting tidbit about oral surgery, namely that it's something I have in common with Prince Hal. Great news!

The reason he's depicted this way is because he had an arrowhead lodged in the other side of his face. But then it was successfully removed! Using honey as an antiseptic! Rad! Read about this miraculous process here.

So, alright. Tooth stuff is a constant bummer. Trying to channel Geena Davis and turn my life around. I think I need to make some changes but I feel a little bit helpless, like maybe I don't deserve to have a happy life. But I guess that's why I pay Iron Honey Toughie to help figure things out. I am broke. I am pretty bummed out. Ugh. I guess I'm kind of excited about the rain. I don't know. Something. I wish I was at another place.

There's a silver lining here, too, but I just don't see it.

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