Two Expediencies

Nobody could see the strength, the joke, the little twist that we were all a bit fat. They were thinking we were trying a come on and sell our image. What would they prefer - us all dolled up in something fashionable? We wanted to write songs that wouldn't go out of fashion and we felt that about the cover, too. We didn't expect to have to explain it! But in the end, everything we did solidified our image; you get a lot of shit for not fitting into a box. And gradually we had to accept that we weren't going to shake off the Slits' Wild Women of Wongo image.
-- Viv Albertine, on the cover image of Cut.

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gaycondo said...

I love it, and it seems like a lot of bands have done similar album covers since. There's a Mudhoney record that is very reminiscent. Palmolive was a priss about it and refused to participate. Now she's a born again christian. A lot of people don't like the way their sound developed later on after she left the band. It's a bit more challenging to listen to but I think the drums were a lot better after Palmolive left.