Also I'm A Cat

Gosh. On Friday Lovely Room mate Ptrck and My Best Friend Danielle Rosa and I all went out to dinner at this Italian restaurant near our house. And that was it! We all got the same really delicious pasta dish and drank a big carafe of White Wine and then came home. I was fucking exhausted. Slept super hard.

I feel like in the summer, there are two ways to sleep:
1) Either lightly, restless, waking up every ten minutes sticky and disturbed. Too anxious for dreams. Like trying to sleep while on a boat that's going down a river. Dangerous, unmoored. Or;
2) Heavily. Like syrup. Hard. Fast. Nothing can disturb you. Too deep of a sleep to remember your dreams. Waking up jet-lagged. Like trying to sleep on an ocean liner stuck in the middle of the ocean. In heavenly peace. Unreachable. Out of range.

So I HAD BEEN getting a lot of #1 Summer Sleep, and was none too happy about it. But this weekend I got a lot of #2 Summer Sleep. I feel like I've been Eating Lotuses or something. Really great. Kind of trippy. Such a nice change.

Saturday I went for a walk over the Williamsburg bridge and to the Union Square GreenMarket. It was such a gorgeous day but I got really good produce and a sunburn on the back of my neck and it was all worth it. So fucking pretty. Later I met up with PLD and we went down to Bedford Avenue to hang out in the park for a bit. Ran into Everyone's Favorite Best Looking Boy In The Entire Fucking Universe, Brad in the park. We decided to begin our evening so we retired to the Maison for gin and tonics. Gathered with Ptrck and PLD and Brad and we all got nice and cute to go see Little Victory play in Greenpoint. They were so great! Also on our way to the bar where they were playing we passed the newly-opened Greenpoint 7-11, so that meant one thing:

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Seriously this weekend was all about BEVERAGES.

After Li'l Vicki we went to the Metropolitan, for like a second. Had exactly one drink, then headed over to our Big Sister Ben Rimalower's House, where we saw Cole and Kenn and Matty and we listened to music and drank drinks and hung out until all hours on the night. Until 3am. Then we went back to Metro (at, I guess, My Insistence) for literally 15 seconds (just long enough to use the bathroom, grab a glass of water, and head out: what we in the Show Business call a pit stop). We all convened back at our house where everybody crashed, in my bedroom, around 5 in the morning, with the lights on and blasting this really rad techno mixtape that Ptrck made. Everybody passed out except for Ptrck and I, who went up to the roof to do some yoga poses as the sun came up. Finally, retiring to bed, I was just walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth, and I tripped the cord to our modem, thus basically breaking it. It's broken now. Now it's broken. Fuck.

SO SUNDAY MORNING I woke up early and Ptrck and I went looking to find another A/C adapter for our wireless router. We thought we found one, but it turns out not to work. Ugh. We did, though, go to this really amazing Fruit Juice / Smoothie place around the corner from our apartment which was so fucking good and exactly perfect for our hangovers. Might be my new summer morning spot.

(In the morning, when we wake up stuck together with our sweat and spit, I will take you there and I will buy you a large-size juice and you can have any kind of fruit in it that you want. And I'll buy it for you and watch you suck it through the straw all cold and cheap and thick and nutritious then I'll take us back to bed and blast the air conditioner and put on This Mortal Coil records, warping vinyl in the summer heat).

Finally broke down and called the internet company. Not without some finessing did I get them to agree to come fix our wireless router, in fact replace our whole internet setup AND give us a discounted rate (knocking off a whopping $2 a month). But they won't come until NEXT SATURDAY. So I am sort of borrowing wireless from somewhere else in the neighborhood. I don't know if my room mates get it. I am so sad / mad about that but what else can I do? Oh well.

Took a nap and did laundry and decided to make everything okay again. Ptrck and I went to the Metropolitan Fourth of July BBQ to meet up with PLD and Diego and Sister Pico, just back from her fabulous vacation in Northern California. She was very well-rested, looking pert and gorgeous as usual. Made me excited for my own brief upcoming San Francisco Sojourn at the end of July. I simply cannot wait. I wish there was a way to type in my computer to make your experience of reading it even gayer, world. I'm working on it. After the BBQ we hightailed it uptown to Miss Jeffery Self's house in Hell's Kitchen for the fourth. The fireworks were astounding. Everyone from J. Self's building was on the roof. It was so magickal and communal and we kept playing Mariah Carey songs and it felt very patriotic. Somebody brought a young girl to the party, and a very muscular man brought his dog which he did not keep on a leash, which PLD wasn't very happy about. And then the muscular dude LITERALLY PICKED UP HIS DOG, CRADLED IT, AND STARTED MAKING OUT WITH IT. I SHIT YOU NOT. I kept telling PLD to look, look at the man kissing the dog, cause I know it'd gross him out. Anyways it was a totally rad party.

And hey, speaking of Jeffery and Cole, their wonderful TV show Jeffery and Cole Casserole will premiere it's second season this Friday July 9th at Midnight on Logo.

It's absolutely my favorite show on Television and on a related note I'm sometimes on it but that's not the only reason it's my favorite show on TV. The main reason it's my favorite is that it's hilarious and nice. And also Erin Markey is on it.

After the rooftop we went BACK to the Metropolitan (after running into Brad on Houston Street in a ferocious pair of Patriotick High Heels, literally SHUTTING THE CITY DOWN) to hang out for a bit. On our way home we ran into Meli Darko's house party on Grand St where we also saw My Best Friend Danielle Rosa. What a wonderful ending to a wonderful night. I got home by 2:30 a.m. and thought to myself, very consciously: "I am so fucking responsible for calling it an early night. You are so grown-up, Billy. Good for you. You deserve a reward."

One thing that happened over the weekend was that I was loudly recanting some fantasy scenario I was having, embellishing out loud. Things like "oh, and then it would be like underwater too, and I'd have to have long blue hair and a pony and a castle". (I use that quote not to signify something along the lines of my fantasies, but to quote directly from my fantasies). While doing this kind of out-loud-imagining, PLD said: "...also I'm a cat". Which is a) perfect and b) so fucking perfect that I have added it as a mini-tag line to every out-loud fantasy I have. Which is a lot. SO from now on, for the Summer of 2010, I am ending every sentence or thought with "...also I'm a cat." That's just how it fucking goes.

SO ON MY BIG DAY OFF YESTERDAY: PLD and I went on an adventure. The L train wasn't running, but we didn't let that stop us! We took the JMZ to Canal St. where I bought a really cute Cookie Monster T Shirt which I don't know if I can ever wear outdoors, ever. Then we got briefly lost, before finding the 1 train which we took all the way to the Wild Wild Upper West Side to go to my favorite place in NYC (as well as My Mom's): ZABAR'S. I had been obsessing over their gazpacho and we fucking WENT AND GOT SOME. We also got other assorted fancy snacks and treats. I found my precious, precious, exorbitant Kusmi Tea:

Went and ate our feast on Cedar Hill in Central Park. A quiet, beautiful, sunny perfect day in NYC. Came home and realized it was only 4 o clock! So accomplished! And no L Train! Stopped by the local Botanica near my house where I got some much-missed Nag Champa Super Hit incense.

Took myself on a stroll down to Bedford avenue to do some last minute, on-a-whim record shopping (it has been such a long time). And I totally scored! OKAY HAUL VLOG MOMENTS. Here's what I got:

Unwound's New Plastic Ideas
Some people (though not, however, this young intrepid reporter) think of Unwound as the "West Coast Sonic Youth". Hm. That's not exactly true but it is almost exactly true. Unwound and Sonic Youth have such divergent philosophies, it seems like. For one thing, Sonic Youth is all about a certain kind of cosmopolitanism, and Unwound feels very Pacific Northwest. I love Unwound very much, though I never got to see them live. Actually I almost saw them live once at Yoyo A Gogo in 2001 but I was like 17 and I was really sleepy and I didn't stay up late enough to see their set and I left after the opening act. I wasn't a fan at that point. I didn't know shit when I was 17. I still might not. Anyways this record is totally iconic and perfect and I love it.

Cat Power's 1994 debut Dear Sir
But the original 10" version released only in Italy on Runt Records. It features the song "Mr Gallo" about Vincent Gallo and it's so weird how Chan Marshall was onto Vincent Gallo's preeminent creepiness in 1994, before the rest of America and event I think before Ms. Chloƫ Sevigny. Such a fucking trendsetter, right? So ahead of the curve. So autistic, awkward and yet psychick, almost.

Huggy Bear's Weaponry Listens to Love
It's totally a sign that I found that. That is literally an omen. I mean it. Oh man. It's actually their only full-length album. And it's also their least-understood album. It seems like they knew it would be their last (I could be projecting because I only heard any of their work long after they'd broken up). Huggy Bear had a plan for the trajectory of their group, up to and including the end. I love this record and I can't wait to rediscover it again on vinyl. I think it will totally help me write the 17,847 new things I'm supposed to be writing as we speak.

As I was walking around, I could not get the images / concepts out of my head. JUCIFER!

Fucking, god. Amber Valentine from Jucifer. Right? Total Style Icon. I think I might need to write a book about Amber Valentine. MAYBE THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO GO TO GRADUATE SCHOOL TO STUDY: WOMEN IN METAL BANDS. Seriously.

Nabbed some cold sesame noodles from my favorite cheap gross Chinese takeout place in Williamsburg, Red House. Watched cartoons and red magazines until Sleep Style #2 brought me here, to you, world, today.

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