Thought I'd start as all things do with basic elements. Some notes from the train this morning. (On the left are some leftover notes I took on Sunday morning).

Maybe you can't read my handwriting. That's okay, too. I'll explain all of this to you in person. FURTHERMORE: I need to edit it. Or at least update it.

Took the train this morning to Park Slope, to see another dentist. I was seeing him because I wanted to see a real, live, actual (not student) Dentist and this one came highly recommended for his insight and very cheap prices. He did not disappoint. I was told by the most intrepid student I had been seeing at NYU (the student who built my beautiful implant crown) that I had two very serious cavities! I was pretty disappointed and it definitely took the wind out of my sails yesterday-- since I figured the real end of my dental work would be after having these fillings done today. BUT the dentist I saw today x-rayed and examined me and had every assistant in the office look at the photos-- could not find anything that needed doing. All we need to do now is maintenance and checkups on the implant itself, which is standard, to make sure it heals and integrates alright. Fingers crossed, etc. But still,

I feel like I have a new lease on life. I think my attitude changed, actually, before even seeing the new dentist today, when I was on the train and really trying to interrogate my bummer. I thought: Why are you so fucking bummed out, Billy? but I couldn't find a reason. Not that there necessarily needs to be one, but I just couldn't figure it out. I felt like because my teeth were so bad, perpetually, that I couldn't be happy or have a good life or do what I wanted. So now that my teeth are more or less entirely fixed, I don't have a concrete reason to feel like I can't do what I want, can't have a good life, can't be happy. So why can't I? I think maybe I can. Maybe. Right?

Playing the first B0DY H1GH show tonight. So excited (info below).

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