TIGERMILK, the song by Jenna Gross


When I got to the airport on Thursday, Sarah McLachlan was sound-checking for a free concert she was giving that night.Yes Really. I had just left the office job I've had for the last two years and was feeling a little emotional. And then I got to the airport and there was a free Sarah McLachlan concert. Amazing. But unfortunately she was going on at 7 and my flight was at 7:30. So I thought ok oh well maybe I'll just hear a little. The set up was just her and two backup guitarist singers who both seemed nice also are married. Good for everyone. But then my flight got DELAYED and I thought "OH FUCKING RAD NOW I CAN SEE THE SHOW so I got a glass of white wine at the airport bar and flipped through I-D Magazine then I saw the show and it was FANTASTIC and she opened with "Building a Mystery" which is such a great song. Anyways it was really magickal and she played some new stuff, her new single is really good and cute. Then it was over and I got on the plane and that was hella boring cause the TV on the flight was OUT so I had to watch the same Jennifer Aniston RomCom over and over. It was cute, a little. But ugh. So that for six hours after Sarah.

Anyways yeah so I'm back home in Alameda.

This is my cat, Nora. She's very nice. A little shy. You can only see her head but she's pretty big.

Hung out last night with Cotton. Went all the way out! San Francisco! Let's never talk about last night ever again. let's keep it between us and San Francisco. Secrets. West Coast. "Witch". You know what? Fuck Nerds. Seriously. Haters are Nerds. Nerds are (evidently) haters. Get over it. For so many reasons. Whatever though we had hella fun last night. SF is so crazy different than new york. I got into an argument, I was part of an argument between me and two other boys. They kept saying that the real future of fashion came from Milan. I said i didn't know what they were talking about what where they talking about? They said like Moschino or some shit. I was like That's not really cutting edge and they said that it wasn't Gucci. Whatever! SF! Yikes! Did not get barely ANY SLEEP AT ALL but I sort of meditated for a few hours and the way I did was by having very light lucid dreams about the supermodel Maricarla. So it was pretty cool.

In the morning I met up with Grey. Beautiful Grey. Wonderful Grey in Alternate reality boyfriend Grey. Hi.

Here's Grey.

He's doing crazy shit on that insane thing! He must be out of his mind!

OK in my hometown, Alameda, on a Saturday at 7pm. This is the front of City Hall. There's some guy sitting on the lawn and reading and it's not really a big thing. That's happening. It's totally insane, I feel like. From living in Brooklyn. I don't know. Lawns? Whaaaat?

UPDATE: My parents are watching a movie they rented from netflix. It's the same Jennifer Aniston RomCom I watched a a million times on the flight over. THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. ITS SO INSANE. This fucking MOVIE.

ok B.O.A.T.S. (Based On A True Story): Scott Panther hated Jennifer Aniston because she shortened her name and he thought she makes her a bad role model for Greek people. But we both thought that Uncle Jesse is a good role model. For everybody. John Stamos, in fact, for President. So glad we got along.

So it's crazy to see this movie SO many times. Also: Cotton said, at the bar last night, in describing himself and in a conversation about Atari Teenage Riot (I told him that he looked like both of them): "I'm like Jennifer Aniston in Atari Teenage Riot". Master of soft reads, Cotton.

By the way, the movie in question is about getting back together with your ex and it working out.

So this is outside the elementary school in my hometown. I guess I come from here in a way / sometimes. Hello.

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