Wake Up On A Satellite

Oh, weekend! Much much-needed R&R. I dunno. Not a whole lot to report.
I'm this spooky region of transition! I am going from full-time to part-time work, which means I need to find ever-new and exciting sources of income. And also I am using this as an excuse to buy new Work Clothes with a credit I have at H&M. Also I'm going home to California next weekend to see various home-girls whom I love to death (Hi! Let's hang out!).

In his fantastic show Cat Lady which I have seen probably four or five times and predictably rips out my heart each time, Joseph Keckler describes quitting his day job to have time to work on his art with "this is a dragon at the edge of a flat world". That phrase has always stuck with me. And I think I first saw him do that piece like two or three years ago, and even then I thought, really consciously: 'Yeah! Me too! Yes!' but am just now quitting my job. So we'll see. But I feel like that: taking flight. Hopefully.

This is really sweet. Saw it this morning and it did make me smile.
I feel really grateful for this. Thank you.

Also this weekend was The Need's reunion. Here's another video of it! How great!

God, just about everything about the Need. I could go on for days. Suffice it to say that if you're reading this and you don't know who they are, go to http://theneedisdead.com and buy everything they have, etc. SO much of the ways in which I think about the world around me, music, art, etc. are directly or indirectly influenced by these two amazing people Rachel Carns and Radio Sloan. And in their hey-day they were a cult favorite band. No Top 40 breakout hits for them (though "Crown" coulda been huge), they exist in my memory as unsung heroes. In an interview once, Rachel described touring with the band where they'd go to some small town and play in a basement, and all these teenage babyqueers would show up and dance. And then the next year they'd come back and those babyqueers would be the opening band.

Maybe this sounds like really easy, obvious, basic punk stuff. To me, it changed my life. The Need were (I guess I can say "are") a band / project that gave me permission. And I know I'm not the only one. I think for me, what was so inspiring was the totality of vision, the fearlessness with which they navigated their aesthetics, and the uncompromising sounds they made. I love the logic and the lyrics. And the newness. Even more than ten years later, there is nothing else that sounds like the Need.

I am loving them so hard right now.

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