When We Mean Another Way

As a balm against my funky bad mood from the previous post, another tidbit from Encourager (which may not be called that for much longer):

It's like you discovered my weakness and you forgave it at the same time. You found something wrong with me by healing it. I didn't even know. Your diagnosis is also the cure, so I guess what I should be saying, really, instead of "I love you", is:

Thank you, Physician.

Before I met you I guess I didn't even know what love was. It's like I was numb before I met you. I was so numb I didn't even know it. You've brought me to life, animated me. So I guess what I should be saying, instead of "I love you" is:
Hey, Gepetto. Where'd you get to?

Hey, Gepetto. Poor boy.

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