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Normally I work in the mornings, but today I switched shifts with the girl who works the afternoons. MORNINGS, usually my most productive time of the day. Here's what I've done today so far with my free morning:

-- Replaced a lightbulb in my bathroom
-- Edited some old short stories
-- Drank a whole pot of coffee all by myself and don't even feel it and am actually making some more as we speak (JUST KIDDING! We're not speaking. But we could if you want)
-- Listened to all three Deee-Lite albums, in chronoligcal order, to get pumped.
-- Washed my face
-- Answered some e-mails

Right? Totally fucking productive. I need, as a certain class of spoiled brat in NYC is often wont to say, an Assistant, or something. I've been thinking a lot about some projects I want to do. Like, ideas for things. I want to write an essay about Prada and how it helped me decide to live in NYC but then I think "Should this be a blog post? Should I write a really clear, concise, spell-checked Essay about this and try to send it to a magazine or something and try to get paid? Should I write it like a fan-letter and somehow send it to Prada's PR department in the hopes of getting a free pair of those fucking awesome shoes from SS 2011?

Shut up. It might work. Stranger things have happened.

Or, really, do I want to incorporate this into some kind of, what do you call it, performance? I'm feeling, obviously, pretty optimistic about the future, but also pretty reluctant to actually "pull trigger" and make this shit happen. I am blaming Mercury Retrograde, and not my own lack of motivation or follow-through. To my mind, imagination is the same thing as productivity. Part of the same practice. The first part, but part.

I'm also thinking a lot about a performance based on mix-tapes. Cause they're gone. And therefore: fair game. Also thinking about making playlists, etc. I've wanted to do a theater-drag music performance about this famous play involving mixtapes for a long time, at least since the beginning of college. But I'm scared to even hint at what this project would be because I'm afraid (not) that someone will steele it, but that I'll lose steam to do it if I talk about it too much.

ANYWAY I'M PERCOLATING. You should be too.

So this weekend, in central park. Also everybody don't forget to check out BOBO'S INFAMOUS MARSHMALLOW PINS on Etsy. They're really cute. Everyone says so.

So cute, no? Don't you just fall totally in love with Bobo? I also feel like, maybe just because I've been watching a lot of Grey Gardens at with the members of my drug cult / coven, that this video sort of seems kind of Beale. Right? Maybe. It also reminds me of the totally wacko video for Juliana Hatfield's "This Lonely Love".

OK: I totally adore this song. It features Bernard Butler. Juliana Hatfield misses Brit-Pop SO FUCKING MUCH, you guys. This song is basically a brit-pop song. But it's also (to my mind) a sort of Mark Ronson But A Couple Years Too Late effect. And it works showing off her voice, which only gets better with time. This song is ALMOST funky. It's totally genius, too. My favorite line: "I found myself in Brooklyn / It was as real as a dream / So I went back up to Boston with absolutely nothing but a feelin'" referencing (obviously) her own song FEELIN MASSACHUSETTS ("introduce me to someone really cool / not another crazy fool"). I listen to this song a lot at the gym.

ALSO THE VIDEO IS TOTALLY INSANE. WHY IS SHE HOLDING A DISCMAN? It seems to totally perfect for Juliana Hatfield that is KIND OF STARTS TO SEEM LIKE a postmodernist comment on her place in culture. Like, MOST PEOPLE are not going to hear your new record on CD, Juliana. We have MP3s and MP3 players. AND YET Juliana is just walking around town, listening to a CD, looking for all the world exactly as pretty as she did in her 20s. She has the Look. You know? The uninflected gaze of the video camera, Juliana's still-shy-in-front-of-the-lens-even-after-all-these-years performance both totally signify Grey Gardens to me as well. The whole former / future / eternal glamour thing. The dreams deferred thing. Juliana Hatfield is a very successful artist who has influenced generation(s) of musicians. But I don't think she sees herself that way. I wish she did.

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