Making it Back.

A little behind. Summer lazy. Heat burn sleep. Back from California, working at the new job, less stressed about certain things / people. Feel alright.

Hometown Alameda. You can see the Berkeley hills in the distance. And sky! Everywhere! So nice.

At DeLauer's Bookstore in downtown Oakland. I didn't arrange these like this I stumbled on it. Nice, though, huh?

In my last days in the bay I went by myself on a little walkabout in SF and it was, I mean, blindingly beautiful. So weird. I couldn't find any magazines I wanted to read at DeLauer's so I went out in search, by myself without a map or an iPhone or anything, in search of Japantown.

She found it! After much walking uphill. Got cute Japanese snacks and a relatively inexpensive (compared to NYC) copy of the Vogue Nippon with those nice 70s Terry Richardson 'secret crime' photos. Met up with my long lost buddy Arizona, who lives in a super cool hippie punk hours at the outskirts of town. She was doing a recording session for her new band Bo and Betsy. It was fantastic! Keep your eyes peeled, America. Zona's bathroom is also covered with fliers for punk shows. How cute!

Mandy Galas. Always nice to look at when you're going to the bathroom, right?

OK how cute does Miss Penelope Houston look here? It's kinda hard for bleach blondes to do the black and white photocopy moods but she just brings it with that pert little pucker of hers. Damn, Penelope, I would never guess from this photo that you'd eng up as a folk-punk. But now I think yr just punk-punk again. You are great. ALSO: why is Jeff Goldblum standing to the right of her? Did he travel back in time to join the Avengers? Did that happen? It might have happened and everyone else knew about it except for me. Is that so?

Anyways back in NYC now. This Saturday is my birthday, FYI. I'm going dancing at JUDY maybe I'll see you there.

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