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I don't even know where to begin to describe anything. Pretty funny the ways in which we create our little narratives, without really questioning them. In a good mood, I can take a long view of How Things Have Been Going, At Least Sort Of, and it feels like my narrative is: "Something good happened, and then something bad happened, and then something else good happened..." etc. Essentially, something always happens. That's what counts though. So: stuff is happening. (By "happening" I'm referring not only to actual events and news and things that involve other people, but I am also counting ideas and thoughts and feelings and luck and astrology among the things that "happen" to me, maybe this goes without saying but it never hurts to point it out).

Well, I had a fucking excellent weekend. And I think I'd like to leave it at that.

Some exciting things coming up this week as well. There's a lot going on. At the risk of being business-y and boring, here are the things to look forward to. Mercury goes retrograde on Friday the 20th, but I feel like everything is going to be okay. It's all going to be okay or it's simply not going to happen at all. I think that's a nicer / more positive way of thinking about things. Everything's going to be perfect even if it takes a couple tries to get it right, even if you have to wait for it-- it's okay, because when it's finally ready it'll be perfect. How nice, right?

First of all, I'm going to play a show on Thursday night at the Delancey. I'm talking, of course, about

I haven't performed as Max Steele and the Party Ice in quite a while, so this will be fun! I'm so thrilled about the other acts on the bill, of course. Gio Black Peter and House of Ladosha are two of my aboslute favorite NYC performers, and I'm really excited to finally be able to meet Ann Liv Young. Not to be missed! Check it:

It's worth noting that THE BANDS WILL GO ON EARLY (8:30pm-ish) SO GET THERE ON TIME, GIRLS.

Ok so that's on Thursday night. Then, the next night there's a double-whammy, which starts with a rare NYC gallery show by boy genius art genius SAM MCKINNNIS in Williamsburg, no less!
Seriously, though, Sam is a very talented painter, a brilliant little boy and a cool person. Here is a cute interview I did with Miss Thing for East Village Boys. Check his work out!

Sam's show has moved! See the flyer below! New location! Let's go! This is going to be so much fun.

Well so that's going to happen on Friday night, but then right after the art opening I'm going to hi-tail it over back to NYC to go to:
At Joe's Pub! (425 Lafayette St)
11:30PM $15

Of course it will feature new sketches and songs from Jeffery and Cole, as well as some of the favorite Casserole characters. But there's another very special reason to be at Joe's Pub that night. Here is the reason:
AUGUST 20TH IS ERIN MARKEY'S BIRTHDAY. And she'll be there! Performing! How could you possibly miss that? She's so fantastic, and on her birthday you just fucking KNOW she's going to bring it. I spent a good part of the weekend basking in her genius and getting a sunburn on her roof and I watched her literally improvise, from scratch, a musical about middle school, like it was no big thing. She just has these ideas and does them. She's the best. Come celebrate at the show!

Here is a super cute promo vid the boys made for it:

Okay but then after the shows, go get some sleep, because on Saturday is the release party for the new issue of BIRDSONG. I'm going to read a new story I wrote for this issue, called "fIRECRACKER" and it's sort of romantic and also sort of about sports. Like, desire/fucking/sex as a sport. I think you'll get it. Come to the party!

birdsong #13 zine release party!

with readings from the Birdsong Collective, music by PAPS, and guest reader Brando Skyhorse (The Madonnas of Echo Park).
6:30-9:30 at Rose Live Music
345 Grand Street, btwn Havemeyer & Marcy
Pretty equidistant from the Bedford and Lorimer L stops

God. I feel like this is a lot better than a mass e-mail. Anyways. Back to regularly scheduled TV soon.

I've been listening to Wolfgang Press while I was writing this. It's really weird. Sort of new-wave-y, sort of British club music "funkiness". Kind of perfect for such an ominous rainy evening. Pretty.

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