Tying Ankles

Okay. Don't worry, but: Summer's over. Almost entirely.

I feel pretty good. Friday was Bobo's birthday party at her house. Lovely friends both old and new. We got groovy and sprayed ourselves with Bobo's Chanel No. 5 perfume. It was really strong. Too strong, maybe. Later, PLD and Ptrck the Witch and my friend and I went over to Erin Markey's studio. Where the magic happens, natch. We hung out with Ms. Markey and the Irish Horse on the roof of her studio, sharing memories and eating chips and salsa. Eventually, we went over to our Ben Rimalower's house for nightcaps with the ladies Rim and Miss Escola. It was lovely of course and it got quite late, not surprisingly, so I had to head home. On my way out I heard that PLD and Ben made some kind of fancy macaroni and cheese but was too exhausted to find out. I think it involved asparagus. Such genius strikes us (by "us" I mean Ben) in these small morning hours. How nice.

Saturday I went to the gym, and came home and cooked this huge amount of kale I bought earlier in the week. It was a really nice laid-back day. And then I went to go see Ann Liv Young's "Cinderella" at Issue Project Room. The show co-stars Sherry, who has been getting quite a bit of well-deserved press lately. Ann Liv Young is doing very exciting work in New York City. Really wild and experimental and, I think, very brave and generous. She is the real deal. I don't really want to get into the show or my feelings about it because I'm working on a tentative interview regarding it. Suffice it to say that I was deeply affected and inspired by what happened on Saturday night. It was a kind of performance which I feel like people don't often get to see. Very rarely. There was absolutely no way for anybody in the room that night to have predicted what would happen. I think we all knew that. And yet, for many of us in the crowd that night, we had to confront our own expectations. It was intense. It definitely stayed with me. I had very intense dreams the night of the performance, about finally having an unpleasant confrontation with someone. There had been someone in my life who I had really been wanting to "tell off" but had been really repressing my anger. And in the dream, I just told the person how I felt, and it felt really good to get it off of my chest. And I think a big part of this dream was seeing "Cinderella". It was really great. I think. It is great art. That's that.

Sunday I dragged PLD and Ptrck shopping with me in chelsea but we only bought cologne. I got CdG's "Garage", it smells both really clean and really dirty. We went to the BBQ at the Metropolitan. Ms. Jennifer Gross showed up, alongside Miss Joey Kipp (who I had seen dancing in Ann Liv's show the night before, she did a really fantastic job!).

So cute!

Jenna used her extra BBQ tickets to get me and PLD seconds on our veggieburgers! Which was really sweet. I meant to go out on Sunday night since I didn't have to work on Monday, but I was sooo tired I went home and my afternoon nap turned into me being asleep for the night. Oops.

Yesterday I got a copy of Vogue and went to central park to read it. I txted PLD to see what he was up to, and he was in the park as well! Synchronicity. I went to Brooklyn and went record shopping, and I have this thing where like, I really can't be spending money on records, cause I'm broke. BUT I decided I could spend $10 because I've been very flush with cash this week. I also have this thing where like, when I find something really amazing at the record store, I feel like the Universe is putting certain things in my path for a reason. That being said, I was really thrilled Crowsdell's End of Summer EP on vinyl for $3

Obviously I'm a total Shannon Wright junkie, and I totally adore Crowsdell. It seems really retro. NOT because it's sort of country-music inspired. But it seems retro because it's so indie rock inspired. In an interview, Shannon Wright talks about how once Malkmus started producing their work they got a lot of resentment, within the "scene". Gawd. Remember when it was okay to talk about "the scene" in verbal and concrete terms? Innaresting. Anyway this record was the first Crowsdell record I ever heard, and I love it. Somehow perfectly encapsulates the "end of summer" feeling.

But I don't exactly feel sad, or anything. I feel like I had an accomplished summer. To be clear, I didn't actually accomplish anything this summer. But I kind of held myself together, which I'm happy about. Last summer I was performing at museums and going to Europe, etc. This summer, I guess, I performed at a museum. But I think maybe the trade-off has been made (one I do not regret) between "excitement" and "calamity". As in, less of one for less of another. I dunno if I feel like always making that trade.

Lately, anyway, I have some cool things to work on. I guess.
Feeling pretty optimistic and nice.

Listening to Nikki and the Corvettes, hanging out in my air conditioning bedroom with the shades down. Doing stretches and drinking coffee and waiting for the gym to open up (it's "Teen Hour" until 5:30pm) and then I have to go grocery shopping to find something to make for dinner. And then I guess I dunno what I'm going to do. Read, a lot. Maybe work on some writing projects.

I really love this record though. Always gets me, you know.


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