Anxious Confidence and Nervous Hope

A little distracted, or something. Unbearably unproductive, for some reason. I go to work today for the afternoon shift. I wanted to go to the gym this morning, go grocery shopping, do laundry and all sorts of other things, but I'm not. I'm sitting on my bed in sweatpants and it's 10:45 am and I am on my second cup of coffee.

Last night our toilet broke, in this weird way. The basin shattered, but not the bowl. So I am waiting for our building's super to get in touch with the plumber to have him come fix our toilet. It still works, it's just the thing of like, you go to the bathroom THEN pour a pail of water into the bowl and it all goes down. Maybe this is TMI or whatever but I'm pointing it out because it actually reminded me in a really visceral way that we waste SO MUCH water in these American toilets of ours. Seriously. It's a totally deluded concept to piss and shit into your water supply needlessly, when there are so many other and better ways to deal with those issues. Who am I kidding? I am a water hog like anyone else, I guess. But growing up in southern California, we were acutely aware that water was precious and we had the occasional drought, so I dunno. It's in the back of my mind. Maybe once we get the new toilet (hopefully soon) my apt mates and I can adopt a "Yellow is mellow" policy at home. Maybe THAT is TMI. Mellow is Yellow? Where are we, San Francisco? I feel like that bathroom policy is so SF. That, and tying carpet strips into yr hair. I don't know why I always bring that up. Maybe I am always thinking of Heather Ciriza. SPEAKING OF HER, here is a video of her old band MAN HATERRR performing. They are super duper inspirational. And hey who's that musical genius at the keyboards? That is my original homegirl Cotton. Hi there!

I kind of totally feel the way Heather is sounding in this video right now, guys. I feel totally San Francisco. I called my super two hours ago! OK I texted him. He txted back that he would let me know. But HE KNOWS I HAVE TO GO TO WORK TODAY. Ugh. I just want a new toilet. And I just want... I don't even know what.
I think maybe I'm just hungry or something. Everything is tied to the body, I guess. I'm just getting antsy because there are a MILLION things I would rather be doing this morning and if the toilet doesn't even come then I'm going to feel like a wasted a really beautiful day and that would SUCK. BUT ANYWAY.

I feel better. I ate some cereal. The photo above is from Tuesday night, just after the reading I did with Brontez and Joseph Whitt at PPOW Gallery. It was so fantastic. Really an amazing time, and I feel super happy about it. Anyways I'm gonna see Brontez' band the Younger Lovers play tomorrow night, with one of my absolute favorite bands Little Victory, at the Cake Shop.

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