Breezey Busy

This morning, and yesterday, and Tuesday, I've been getting these Taro Buns from this Chinese bakery near my office. I sort of thought that there was no good food near me, but in fact there is a lot of good food near the office, it's just hidden.

SO OBSESSED. It's definitely not healthy. I am, gosh, so sleepy! Last night I hung out with Erin Markey, the Irish Horse, the BF and PLD on our friend Travis' amazing roof in the East Village, drinking wine and talking. It was kind of the most perfect thing ever. A wonderful start to the weekend. This weekend is sort of a vacation, but comes BEFORE next week, when I will have to do a lot of work. I have performance or events or something on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th (See Below). VERY SCARY. But also exciting. So I am taking my dessert, my vacation, beforehand. Super pumped, though. About all of this.

And this weekend, I'm headed upstate to the Catskills with my BFF Bobo (go to her website and order her beautiful custom-made marshmallow pins) to visit her chateau in the mountains. When her family took over the estate, it had a wonderful sign on the front door of the castle, hand-carved, all folksy and craftsy and so quaint. The sign reads WILDCAT RANCH. Which is obviously what I prefer to call the house. SO: I'm going to WILDCAT RANCH this weekend. I'm told, however, that the Matriarch of Bobo's family is none too pleased with the name and would like to change it. AND that she is hosting an informal contest to re-name the property. I am determined to win this contest and I am determined to win this contest with one of the following names (please don't steal my ideas):


Just brainstorming, you know. I'll keep you posted on how this name thing turns out. While we're upstate we're going to visit our old art professor and personal guru Robin Winters. He has a beautiful secret mountain lair a few hours from WILDCAT RANCH and we're going to go bug him. I am going to seek his counsel on some art-related matters. He is a living artist and is so cool. An interview with Robin from BOMB magazine is here, check it out.

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