I mean, gosh. Thanks Everybody, for everything. I mean it. I feel real lucky and happy to be living in the present time/moment and location.

I feel like I am slipping into this thing of only using the blog as like documentation of parties I went to or whatever. Maybe that's okay. It's going to be winter in a minute and I feel like I'll get into my creepy winter hibernation mode and then probably blog more and that'll be fine. That all being said. I had a fucking awesome and intense weekend.

Wednesday night I went to the opening of Rob Roth's show at Wild Project, which will be up in NYC until the 30th and is way rad and worth a visit. It was great. I had a wonderful time but I creppt out kind of early to go home to watch myself on the internet interview with George Spencer on Poetry Thin Air. Which was really nice. Sort of made me feel weird though so to feel less weird I stapled a bunch of zines. So I mostly listened to the interview. I am happy / flattered that some of my friends got to see it. Okay.

Thursday I read at the New Museum with Dennis Cooper. Which was just fantastic. Mark Doten and Robert Smith also read and I think everybody did a really great job. I was so nervous about it, for some reason! I totally psyched myself out! Anyways it ended up being really good. A super fun night. I had never seen Mr. Cooper read before. It has been a long time since I first read his work, when I was a sophomore in high school and working part-time as a library aide. My experience of that job meant a lot of hiding in the racks, pretending to be "shelving". Often I was going through old Sears Roebuck catalogs for illustrations which I'd photocopy and use in fanzines (I wrote one called Zombie and I used a lot of drawings of scissors) and I read a lot. All the time, there. And I felt like I had to sort of furtively hide copies of Dennis Cooper's books: Try, Frisk, Period around in my locker or at home. I didn't want anyone to see them. I felt like I would get in trouble or something. But I also really liked it. I don't know. His reading was just great. I am flabbergasted.

Friday night I go-go danced at HEY QUEEN! one of my favorite dance parties in NYC. I didn't even really get drunk at all. I had three drinks, but over the course of the night. And I got a LOT of exercise, dancing onstage. I don't know why I danced for as long or as enthusiastically as I did. I guess I was in a good mood. I am still very sore, in places where I didn't even know I could be sore. Like, I overworked the muscles in the small of my back. What? How is that even POSSIBLE? I guess I'm glad, though, cause I'd like it if I got totally fipped in the small of my back. Weird! Here's a rad photo of the ever-amazing Jennifer Gross (of the band the Gentle Laxatives) dancing at Hey Queen!:

I go-go danced along with Glenn Marla, which was a real treat. Glenn is, of course, a NYC legend of flamboyant genius and beauty. And was introduced to me, I believe, by La JohnJoseph, so many years ago. La JJ assembled a troupe of back-up dancers because he was performing at a Cockettes reunion show in NYC (which he also booked and hosted btw) and the backup dancers were known as THE FUTURE LEGENDARY CHILDREN DANCE SQUAD. The group was Erin Markey, Me, Darlinda Just Darlinda, and Glenn Marla. And La JJ sand lead.

Photo by MONDO LUCIEN. More photos of this legendary show here.
So anyways I love Glenn a lot and it was fun to hang out with him at the party. Amy Agony, who throws this amazing shindig (along with the lovely and talented Sarah Jenny) wrote the very popular and eerily accurate GUIDE TO SEDUCING AN ARIES. Super fun crowd.

Woke up Saturday in a very good and refreshed mood. Perfect Little Daniel and I had sound check for our show that night at SPANK LIVE. Our band B0DYH1GH has been a very exciting new project for me. Really different from other things I'm doing. Though more or less founded on the same guiding principles. Anyway we went down to the venue with our equipment and soundchecked. And Dale at LittleField, who was doing the sound, was really fucking rad. I can't tell you how many shows I've played in NYC (and elsewhere) with soundguys who are total fucking jerks, who don't take you seriously if yr not a rock star with a huge fucking band, or who are latently homophobic and rude, etc. Dale was really sweet and actually did a really amazing job of making us sound good. I think we sounded better than we ever have before.

SO the show that night was also really great.
BUT I'M GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF. PLD and I soundchecked and decided that we would try not performing on the floor itself, but standing (me) and on a stool (him). We decided that this called for new costume outfits which meant skirts. We went straight from the venue to NYC to get skirts. First we stopped in Chinatown to get some rad Chinese pastries at Dragon Land Bakery. MINOR BUMMER: i got a Pineapple Bun but when I ate it there was no Pineapple in it. It was just a plain bun. UGH. PLUS SIDE: I also got an especially delicious black bean paste bun. PLD got some CRAAAZY stuff that grossed me out (sorry). He seemed to like it. How did we get here? We went to a million Halloween stores looking for inspiration, then eventually went to this vintage store on 1st avenue, and bought some really beautiful dresses.

We got to the venue to the show, and ran into good buddy lover Lady Rimalower. Hung out, getting ready. Saw Thee Legendary Lady Miss Kier and Rainblo, cutting some very on-point looks shapes attitudes and moods. PLD and I eventually went to go do our set. First of all, the show was a star-studded affair and featured The Dazzle Dancers, Dalyptstixx and Milan, SICK CELL (which is Angelo from Street Hero and Best Mate's solo band) and Gio Black Peter and Dangerkat and Milan and DaLipstyxx and Perfidia and Farrad and DJ Victor Rodriguez, and Scooter LaForge. And it was hosted by my favorite New York City Drag Queen (Maybe Best Drag Queen Ever / Who I Think Ought To Run For Public Office): Linda Simpson. Obviously you know, of course, about her legendary Queer Zine, MY COMRADE, right?

Anyway the show was fantastic and I think PLD and I really did a good job of our songs. Here's a video of us performing the song "H0LY D1G1T". It was filmed by Earl Dax (thank you!):

SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW! Big thank you to Sean B. and Will and Jason from Spank. I feel truly honored to be involved.

SO listen. I had too much to drink at the show, as well. Oops. Casualty of glamour. My sexy boyfriend and Lady Rim and I barrelled into a taxicab back to williamsburg. A rully fun epick night. Epick. In so many ways. Apparently there was a Very Famous Fashion Editor at the show, one who works at the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine, Ever. And so I think this means big things because how could you not love me and PLD's outfits? I haven't heard from the Magazine yet but I assume that they're trying to finalize the budget for our shoot. Or maybe they e-mailed PLD. We'll see. Expect things.

Sunday was rough. I'm not gonna lie. A highlight was eating a bagel with lover, on the sidewalk. Romance + carbs = yes. Right? Right. I rallied, however, in order to go to Envoy Enterprises for a really amazing show with COCKETTE RUMI. Who is, of course, a living legend and inspiration. The Cockettes were legendary, their influence was really crazy and I am so glad that Rumi came back to town and asked me to be a part of this really amazing evening. Highlights included really rad performance by dear hearts Max Vernon and Nicholas Gorham. Those boys! Ugh. Gagging. So genius. And Rumi's performances, of course, doy. As well as a screening of the Mirror Mirror video for "Interiors" which I had never seen, but which was very cute. I sang a song on the ukulele. Kind of old times sake. Then I came home. And I passed the fuck out.

And I'm still tired!

But seriously. This was a really great week. And there are some more really exciting things coming up very soon. And also, then, soon, I hope, some periods of maybe less excitement. Who am I kidding? Maybe not. I like all this activity but it is a bit yeah. I dunno.

Feeling good.

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