It's Monday night, and I'm sitting on the floor of my bedroom, stapling back issues of my zine to sell at the reading I'm doing tomorrow night, which I hope you can come to, more info here:

And as I'm stapling I'm listening to Huggy Bear's Taking the Rough with the Smooch which I found at the record store for $8 on 10" in perfect pristine condition. I feel like God put it there for me to find, to inspire me. It's totally still making me feel amazing, as it has for like, I dunno. Thirteen years, at least. Since I was 13. I've spent half my life listening to this album. It's not even an album, obviously, it's a collection of their Wiija singles (minus, inexplicably, Rubbing Thee Impossible To Burst which is just as good as anything else they ever released and probably my favorite 7"). It's amazing and perfect and full of wisdom.

"We shall name it as that which is bewitchment or enchantment and is insobule, or obsession that is flameproof"

It's long out of print, but is available over at my favorite blog SOUL PONIES. And it's really inspiring. Tomorrow is going to be really great. I'm super nervous! Oh well. See you soon.

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