Strange Love

Thinking recently and very recently about the Truffle French Fries kind of thing. I dunno. I've just been reflecting, lately. Reading back over the older (and oldest) of these blog entries, and I looked over that article about me again a couple times recently, and I feel really... I don't know. I don't think I really ever did anything so despicable. I may be totally fake, but:
a) who's to say, really?
b) it sure is a lot more fun than being a hater, and
c) as it turns out, fakeness doesn't exist, everything is equally real / fake.
Just thinking about these things. It's lately been in the forefront of my mind, I dunno why.

So I'm really excited about the reading, next Tuesday, at PPOW Gallery at 8PM. I'm going to read a new story, which is a very late sort of response and sort of journalistic essay about that article (and it is also about everything else). And the piece is going to be the first story, a more traditional zine intro, from the new issue of Scorcher. And the title of the story and the issue is WHITECHOCOLATESPACEEGG.

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