Like I said, I spent the weekend up in the Catskills with my best friend Bobo and her mom at their soon-to-be-renamed chateau, Wildcat Ranch.

We visited our friend the famous living artist Robin Winters and went with him to a really rad art show his and our friend Hillary set up. She has a really rad blog and you should check it out. It was a very nice afternoon visit. The art show was really cool and as soon as I find the business card and website of the curator I'll tell you more about it oops. And upstate was so magickal. And the trees were gorgeous. I got to see the Milky Way for what feels like the first time. I must have seen it before, but I was really awed. It's like, a big white cloud in the night sky. It was beautiful. Also beautiful was the art at Wildcat Ranch which came with the house, apparently and which I really love:

(Coat rack.)

In LIVING ANIMAL news, on our way to visit Robin, Bobo and I had to drive a difficult mountain path to get there. My job (since I can't drive, hello) was to be the navigator. I am unhappy to report that I nearly got us lost at every available opportunity. What can I say? I belong in the back seat. Like a child. ANYWAY LIVING ANIMALS: We were driving and we had to pull over because a PORCUPINE WAS CROSSING THE STREET! It was obviously ADORABLE. I tried to talk to it but it was kind of mean and we drove away.

Anyway. Great trip. I was super needing to recharge. Now I am back in action. Feeling maybe a little overwhelmed but mostly excited. Especially about THIS WEEK, people. I'm reading at the New Museum on Thursday and have been really agonizing over what to read. But I figured it out. So I feel like a big weight has been taken off. I can stop worrying. Okay.

ps I guess I decided that L'AIR DU COCHON is my new thing / motto / idea which is basically whether or not someone is joking, and you can't tell. And so I would posit that maybe it's not the thing with l'air as they say du cochon. Maybe it's not even about the person/viewer/audience and their ability to decide whether or not they think it's a joke or not. It's not even about that judgment, per se. It's about using that nerve to ask questions about ourselves and therefore also each other. Whatever.

So, finally. Venus is Retrograde in Scorpio.
I'm not too worried. I just can't be, I guess. I am really present, or whatever, and I feel really good. But I'm not gonna worry. I feel pretty excited. This definitely affected my worrying about what to read on Thursday but I've made my peace with my decision and discovered a lot of exciting new things on the way. I dunno. Venus. Hmm. In the romance department I must say I am really pretty good and am seeing a boyfriend who I like a lot. I dunno.

right. so moving on: I am going to be on a TV show tomorrow called Thin Air Poetry. I'll be reading some of my writing and conducting an interview with George Spencer. I'm really proud of this thing and I think it might be cute to watch. The thing is it's on Channel 67 in Manhattan, or online. BUT you can only watch it when it's broadcast live online, unfortunately, at 8:30pm EST. So here is the info for that.

Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 67 (MNN/Manhattan
Neighborhood Network). Note: if you live outside Manhattan or can't
get MNN Ch 67, you can get the live internet stream of the show by
following the instructions below. (You can only watch the streaming
video in real time, i.e. at 8:30pm Wednesday night.)
PC & MAC USERS (4 simple steps)...
1. Click on http://www.mnn.org/en/viewers/watchmnn
2. Viewing the right column of the MNN webpage, go to "MNN4 Culture"
3. Click "Watch MNN4 Live"
4. Click small icon to watch full screen on your computer during live broadcast.

ok now finally check out this cute t-shirt I got in the mail today:


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