Where we're coming into from

How did I ever get so far behind on my own life, blog, whatever?
Listen. It's not because I don't care or have moved onto something more exciting. There's nothing more exciting. Having lunch with my friend Susan this afternoon. So excited that she is in town. Don't you know her?

Here are some upcoming events I'm going to be at, a little bit of an explanation why I'm so frazzled. Maybe I'll see you there? Or right back here, in this space, in a few minutes / hours.

10/14 DENNIS & THE BOYS @ The New Museum: http://bit.ly/bXHj8v
10/15 HEY KING @ Public Assembly: http://on.fb.me/bEbNOT
10/16 B0DYH1GH @ SPANK Live: http://bit.ly/bC6n9m
10/17 w/ RUMI from the COCKETTES @ Envoy Enterprises: http://on.fb.me/asK3cA

But FIRST on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 13TH I am going to be on Manhattan Cable Access on George Spencer's TV show "Thin Air Poetry" speaking about my writing and promoting the event at the New Museum. I am really amazed and thrilled at the interview, and you can watch the episode even out of NYC. Here is the info on that:

** Wed. October 13th 8:30pm
PoetryThinAir featuring Max Steele
Max Steele and his wonderfully awesome poetry
every Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 67 (MNN/Manhattan
Neighborhood Network). Note: if you live outside Manhattan or can't
get MNN Ch 67, you can get the live internet stream of the show by
following the instructions below. (You can only watch the streaming
video in real time, i.e. at 8:30pm Wednesday night.)
PC & MAC USERS (4 simple steps)...
1. Click on http://www.mnn.org/en/viewers/watchmnn
2. Viewing the right column of the MNN webpage, go to "MNN4 Culture"
3. Click "Watch MNN4 Live"
4. Click small icon to watch full screen on your computer during live broadcast.

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