Buy Nothing Day Parade

It's officially the holiday season, I guess. It's also time for my annual Laura Nyro obsession. Spending the morning burning incense and working in bed, dusted off my LPs. Thinking a lot, suddenly, about this really cute part in Michele Kort's awesome biography, Soul Picnic:

I dunno. Yesterday Sister Pico and I went to go see that new movie Burlesque starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. It was pretty insane. It made me think of my friend Grey in San Francisco, glad I'm gonna see him when i go home in December. I mean, Cher is kind of really insane and intense, to begin with. I just saw Moonstruck the other day, and was thinking about how beautiful Cher's face is in that movie:

Gorgeous, right? Well, Cher also looks really great in her new movie. She looks a little bit different now.

I watched a lot of Bad Girls Club last night. It was kind of insane. Also very inspiring, in terms of, like: what not to do. Here is what I remembred not to do: be a jerk. Those girls are jerks! Sometimes. I mean, they have fun too. It's a gamble. (Thinking a lot about gambling these days).

What else about today? It's noon and I still need to pick out my outfit.

Ten years ago, my BFF Jessicka and I went to the San Francisco Buy Nothing Day Parade / Protest. I do not remember exactly how, but we ended up carrying the banner.

That is me in the center, chubby 16 year old in a Kill Rock Stars T-Shirt. I remember being really scared, because I was wearing these Doc Marten's boots which I had just gotten (and are still at my parents' house in California). And I felt like it was really hypocritical to have leather on at that protest. It was really peaceful, nonviolent, etc. But there were totally cops everywhere. It was the first time I had ever really seen the police like that. There were all these fake police, narcs, undercover cops or whatever. Guys in "plain clothes" with dark glasses and black earpieces, who would just kind of... stand around, listening to groups of crust punks plan the parade route. It was also really strange to see these politically radical punk kids, all in dark glasses, giving out fake names. I mean. Inspiring but weird.

I'm still not shopping today. But that's because I'm broke. And also because Susan Miller advised against spending a lot of money to day. And although I have issues with Susan, I have a Super Secret Sexy Private Astrologer Who Works With A Lot Of Stars (har har har) And Is Really Cool and Right About A Lot Of Stuff. And he also advised me about today in such a way that I feel prepared and informed. Anyways: if you want a secret super great Astrologer connection, I can hook you up. Also: not shopping today. Nothing ambitious.

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