Here Again

Forgot that I wanted to link to this here. I was featured in NYC's favorite gay weekly, Next Magazine, recently. GETTING PERSONAL WITH MAX STEELE. Kind of reminds one of the title of Lindsay Lohan's second album, no? Though if you read this blog, nothing in there will be news to you, not really.

Sometimes I love eBay and the fact that people list things in weird categories and also sheer dumb luck that I can sometimes get really cool stuff for super cheap. Like this!

It's a vintage Comme des Garçons HOMME coat, from (I am guessing) sometime in the early 80s. It's very cute and light, with tiny shoulderpads and weird elastic outer pockets.

Also, it used to belong to Barbra Streisand.

The coat has that "old lady" smell. I like it.

I'm sure I've posted it here before, but check out this amazing video of Barbra singing with Judy Garland. They apparently did an homage on Glee but I don't watch that show, and the original is so much better. THE BEST PART OF THE VIDEO: that the background scenery is filled with painted arrows, which seem to point directly to Judy.

Best Part

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Anonymous said...

That's a cool jacket. The large pockets really make it unique.

I'm too busy working to just surf ebay though. :(

Sometimes I go to the Brooklyn flea market but I rarely find stuff as cool as that there.

George - CSR @ TagMyPhone