The Lasik Eye Surgery of Lucy Jordan

Yesterday morning my amazing boyfriend and I woke up got muffins. We sat in the park and watched the dogs assemble for their Halloween parade. I had never seen it, but I had heard of it. I didn't actually see the parade, but at the dog park there was quite a scene, and I was witness to at least one altercation. Somehow the sight of dogs fighting, in costumes, made it seem more violent, scarier. We went to Lady Rimalower's house where we met up with Cole, Ptrck and Perfect Little Daniel. We had mimosas and frittata and listened to female jazz singers for almost all of the day. I came home and took a power nap. I meant to go to the Butt Mag party last night, but I just couldn't imagine braving the cold, again. I ordered Chinese food and told myself that I had to stay in to finish working on a new story for the upcoming issue of Birdsong. I did not get the story done last night. And I am going to get it done tonight (just a second I swear). Everything feels hard. It's getting darker. it's freezing out.

Today was really good, though. Work was fun and relaxed and I felt productive. I had a doctor's appointment later so I couldn't go to the gym right after work like I usually do, so I was kind of flabbergasted at what to do for a minute. At work, somebody brought in candy apples, and I was starving by the time I left, so I wandered Chelsea, trying to decide what to do, in the totally insane sideways winter sunlight, eating a candy apple. NEW YORK CITY could NOT contain it's jealousy, can I tell you? It was insane. I went to the BLACK Comme des Garçons store, to see if anything new had come in since the last time I went there, 45 minutes ago. (Nothing new had come in.) I overheard the woman working there (who is very gracious about the fact that I never even try anything on) talking to a pair nice German men about the store. She said that they were supposed to close but that they'd been extended because everybody loved it. So I don't feel like I need to get anything, since it's not limited, or something? Also: lower price point my ass. I wish I was rich, and had nice things. And that the apocalypse wasn't coming, and that we could all stay kids forever and nothing would ever change and I wouldn't have to be born and I'd just be an idea in my ancestors' minds like in the good old days before you got here the scene was so much better before. I guess? Whatever. Bourgie thoughts.

I came home and cooked lunch and did some reading and it was nice to be home on a sunny day. Went back to the city for the doctor's appointment. I'm setting up a regular medical doctor, since I got insurance again, and I have to go meet him etc. It was kind of a trip to go to Callen-Lorde when I'm not sick. Like, just be there and be healthy. I feel superhuman. Feeling empowered and certifiably healthy (I got a flu shot!), I went grocery shopping and got real live vegetables. Trying to adjust to the fact that it is now winter. This is happening. Wake up!: it's time to go to bed. I'm listening to Grace Jones' Nightclubbing over and over trying to remain inspired. It's hard! Basically doing that thing of like "What is the trip?" But the danger, I guess, is taking that game too seriously. The dangerous thing is taking anything too seriously. I think.

Right? Anyways Grace is over and I'm listening to Marianne Faithfull and if that doesn't make you want to talk then nothing does. Or ever will.

Back to work.


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