Excerpt from CASINO

It’s early summer and friend Lola and I are going out. Lola’s little sister Sophie is visiting from out of town. Suburban blonde soft femme lesbo softball player, and just 16. Lola and I are taking her to a queer glam rock dance party. We tease our curly hair and put on eye makeup, drink warm underage vodka mixed with sweet diet cola and put on bright tight outfits. New in town, our slutty little hearts beat hot wet and fast underneath neon spandex.

“Um, hello?”
“Luck? Is that you?”
“Yeah, hi. Billy? What’s up?”
“Luck? Let’s be ladies tonight."

Stomping through the West Village, pausing to smoke weed and check our reflections in store windows. Lola is condescending, salty, sage and sarcastic older sister to Sophie. Rolling her eyes, calling her “kid” and secretly protective. I’m so jealous.

“But Lola,” Sophie whimpers, trailing behind us, “do you think they’ll let us in? I don’t have an ID or anything.”

“Sure.” Lola says. “You just have to… go in. Just show them that you know that you belong inside.” She nicks a breadstick from an outdoor table at a bistro, and chews on it like a cigar. Waiting at a crosswalk, Lola absent-mindedly fingers her breasts through her bodysuit. She catches me staring at her.

“What?” she asks, “I want my nipples to be hard when we get there.”

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