Five One Oh Four One Five

Oh hi. I am home in Alameda. My flight was OK. I got to the airport ridiculously early, like I always do. When I got to my folk's house, there was this weird noise in the backyard, and their dog ran outside to chase something away. My dad showed me on the patio-- these gigantic, child-like, clawed footprints. There had been a raccoon! I could see it in the back corner of their backyard, this gigantic... thing. Just staring at us. I guess he was eating the dog food which my parents left outside (accidentally). I was thoroughly freaked out, until my mom said to my dad: "Oh honey, are you gonna tell Max? About the attacks?" and my dad replied, sort of annoyed "No, honey. No." What attacks, you ask? Oh nothing, just that my hometown, Alameda, has apparently been under siege from raccoons lately. They attacked a woman in the park in broad daylight, and they also entered a house through the doggy door and tried to drag the dog that lived there outside. Presumably (in my imagination), to eat the dog while the dog was still alive.

So anyways: I'm hella scared, y'all! I mean, I am no fan of the canine population (as even casual readers of this blog / my life would know) but I wouldn't wish vivisection upon ANY species. Yikes! Speaking of species I would like to protect from the wrath of nature, I've been hanging out with my cat that lives at my parents' house, Nora.

Isn't she soooo cute?

She doesn't like it when I hold her like this for the photos.

No one ever said showbiz was easy, Nora! I remember in college once my friend Marcus visited me in California the summer we got Nora, and he called her "Norad" (we knew a girl called Jora in college-- we called her Jorad). I think Norad is such a cute name for Nora. It kind of perfectly articulates her dorkiness. She's a total dork. I mean, I love her and she is a dork.

In other totally exciting news, due to a rare confluence of circumstances and magick, the Maison Martin Margiela leather jacket I've been obsessed with was reduced in price to a mere pittance, and I happened into a little bit of extra coinage, and I made some decisions and made it work such that I was able to get my grubby little mitts on it. I had it mailed to my parents' house in California, and I met it on Tuesday night.

And now I own it. And it is officially the Nicest Thing I Own. And I am Pretty Fucking Psyched about this. Bringing up so many different conversations in my head, however. About entitlement and the collective imagination of the bourgeoisie. And also about how in NYC you can totally tell who is rich and who is not rich and the way you can tell is: rich people dress poor and poor people don't want to look like we're gross or dirty or anything, so we tend to dress cleaner and nicer. Do you notice that? Anyway not gonna let it ruin the fact that I am so, deeply, truly in love with my new leather jacket. I spend definite Minutes every day just staring at it. Weird? Let's let Goddess be the judge of that.

So far it's been nice to be back. I went to Berkeley yesterday and bummed around all afternoon. I went to Japantown to get fancy magazines.

The Vogue came with a cute little Pucci compact mirror. I'm about go to get dressed at go into San Francisco to meet up with Cotton in the morning and then Grey in the evening. Cotton lives on Valencia St. and Grey lives in the Haight. And it's so crazy. As a kid in high school, I would dream about lives that included living in those places. I never thought I'd ever call New York home. And I had no idea what Brooklyn was.

It's been raining the last few days here but today it's nice.
Off we go!


Tim E Bear said...

So I"m guessing sending you clips of Raccoon Willie would be a bad thing? ;)

tim b said...

I happened to pass you on 17th St this afternoon and yes, the new jacket is All That.

Nirmal Singh said...

dear god that is one gorgeous cat...i want. u r awesome. please stay in new york city. u rock. n bring nora. nyc is begging for her.